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This page contains information about launchpad translations.


Translate transaction

From LPD_CUST (function Text keys / Translation) or via report APB_LPD_SHOW_TEXT_KEYS you can enter translation for long texts or short texts.


  • Launchpad texts can only be edited in the master language of the launchpad:
    1. If you are logged on in another language, text fields are read-only.
    2. The master language of a launchpad can be seen in the line or when using button "show attributes" in the detail screen of transaction LPD_CUST.
  • How to get to the list of texts:
    1. From overview screen of transaction LPD_CUST: icon translation.
    2. From detail screen of transaction LPD_CUST: menu "Launchpad → Textkeys / Translation".
    3. Start report APB_LPD_SHOW_TEXT_KEYS.
  • How to trigger translation transaction SE63 from the list of texts:
    1. For description text: doubleclick on the text or use button "Translate".
    2. For link text: use button "Translate Short texts".
  • How to set source and target language in SE63:
    1. Start SE63.
    2. Menu: "Utilities → User Settings".
    3. Language keys have to be entered with 4 chars! Please use F4 help.
  • Changes to translation do not get effective in launchpad:
    1. Please save the changes with status "active".
  • Message "Object not found" when trying to start translation via SE63:
    1. A TADIR entry does not exist for the text → trigger creation of transport requests first
    2. Text does not exist in status "active", this might happen if the text has been edited with transaction SE61 and not been activated afterwards.
    3. Check if the text is a general text or dialog text (for 'old' launchpads the texts have been stored as general texts (TX), new launchpads create dialog texts (DT)).
  • Run the report APB_LPD_CORRECT_TEXTTABLES to correct potential inconsistencies in the text storage:
    1. This report has a test mode that lets you display potential inconsistencies first.
    2. You can start the report for a single launchpad or for the entire system. If you start it for all existing launchpads, we recommend starting it in background processing.
    3. The system sets an indicator for successfully processed launchpads, so they are skipped in subsequent runs.

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