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This article applies to SAP ECC6.0 EhP5, SAP Netweaver 2007 and above. For more information, visit the Web Dynpro ABAP homepage


This article demonstrate how to build the tree structure in web dynpro ABAP along with how to call another application on clicking the nodes.


1. Go to transaction se80 and create new Web dynpro component and save it.


2. Double click on the Main View -> Go to context Tab and create nodes as below.


3. Create another node in the same level


4. Create an attribute under this

5. Create another attribute for title


6. Go to the Layout tab of Main view 

Insert the UI element group and specify the name/ID by right clicking Root Element Container



7. Right click on Group element and create another element Tray


8. Right click on Tray element and insert another element Tree


9. Right click on Tree element and insert Node Type



10. Bind data source property of tree with TREE_TYP node

11. Create an action ‘On_sales’ for TreeItem type sales


12. Insert another Tree element Tree1 by right clicking Tray element


13. Bind datasource property of treeitemtype Finance with tree_typ

14. Create an Event  ‘ON_FI’

15. Click on Grp and create another Tray element

16. On right clicking Tray1 create an element of type IFRAME


17. Bind source property with text of node1

18. Bind Tray’s Caption text property with Title

19. Go to methods tab and double click on ON_SALES and add the functions as shown below


  20. Create Web Dynpro Application and activate it

Now we can see the tree modal and click on any one of the node and it will call the another application.
Renuka Srinivasan