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This page describes the process of updating Unified Rendering on different SAP Netweaver releases.

The Unified Rendering fixes contain corrections for UI artifacts you might encounter in browsers, as well as contain the support for the latest browser releases. The update procedure is different on older NW releases.

Please select the relevant subpage depending on your Netweaver release


Install TCI

Applying UR notes

In the case of:

SAP_BASIS (SAPKB7xx) 700, 701, 702, 731


SAP_UI (SAPK-7xxINSAPUI) 740, 750, 751, 752, 753, 754

In the case of:

SAP_BASIS (SAPKB7xx)  730, 711, 710, 720

Please go to TCI sub-pagePlease go to UR notes sub-page




How to check your system's exact sap_basis or sap_ui version

Open SAP GUI → System → Status → SAP System Data section → "Component info" button.


  1. We needed to apply these Notes after upgrading to SAP BASIS 740.

    But after, the View Designer in transaction SE80 gave an script error.

    This issue was resolved with 2009353 - Confirmation no longer received in Web Dynpro ABAP View Designer (SE80)


    Kind regards


    1. Dear Karel,


      thank you for the note, I added it to the remarks of 740


      Best regards,


      1. Thanks. We had the same issue on our 731 system and it was also resolved by note 2009353.



  2. Anonymous

    Dezso, Thank you for this super useful source of information. Would it be possible to list the previously recommended SAP notes that should be applied to reach a certain level of UR? I'm asking because our NW731 is currently at SPS04 and we are unable to apply SAP note 2076456 simply because of the memory requirements set by SNOTE. I have applied all latest fixes to SNOTE, tweaked all instance profile parameters that I can tweak and it still consumes more than 10 GB before crashing when I try to apply SAP note 2076456. My idea is to apply the SAP notes in smaller steps, e.g. first to equivalent level of SPS05, then SPS06, etc. Thanks.


    1. Former Member

      Dear Samuli,


      In this case we suggest an SP upgrade, because it contains all UR notes, and there will be no memory problem during the process. (and by the way, this SP-level is very old, the latest is SP13)

      If you really want to get a list of the UR notes (instead of SP upgrade), please let me know and I can create it for you.


      Best regards,



    2. Former Member

      Dear Samuli,


      I have created a note stack list for every NW version, so you can follow it, and apply the note one by one.


      Best regards,


      1. Anonymous

        Thanks Gabor, I appreciate it as will probably many others. Applying SPs is out of the picture for us since the testing effort required in an controlled environment is comparable to a full upgrade, which we will do next year.

  3. Dear Gabor,

    first of all thanks for this great work listing all the relevant notes and keeping it up-to-date!

    Our actual situation is that we use a custom style in a 731 portal. After applying the latest UR version our own style is not longer working correctly.
    The theme is totally crashed and it is not longer possible to work in the system using that theme.

    Do you know how to react to that issue? On my opinion there should be an additional way instead of re-creating the whole custom style using the latest SAP standard style ?!
    My OOS support message was not helpful in that case. They only replied with the hint that this could happen to custom themes. 


    Many thanks in advance,


    1. Anonymous

      Have you tried patching your portal? The version of UR styles on portal have to be at least equal, preferably greater, than the ones on AS ABAP.

      1. Yes, we did the patch upgrade, because our assigned backends like SAP HCM are on a higher level.
        And after the patch the UR version of the portal is higher and the custom style is selected by application. But it is totally corrupt and faulty.

        One way seems to be exporting the theme, editing it somehow/somewhere (?!) and importing it again also in a higher "version". Actually I don't know exactly what to do and what kind of software is needed.

        Thanks for any hints,


  4. Thanks so much for this essential informative wiki.

    From the field and speaking about SAPKB731* I can confirm that applying the notes takes so much time and effort. Timeout errors, Memory issues are frequent and instance parameters require adjustments to pass the different steps. To apply 6/8 notes it takes also more than two days.

    To speed up the work, it would be great to have CR in the classical file/cofile format and going via normal import instead that via SNOTE can be better also because of the use of background processes instead of DIAlog ones.

    So many thanks in any case and keep going


  5. Thanks a ton for this awesome wiki (incuding the child pages) it allowed me to save a lot of time!

    I would like to 'bump' the awareness concerning the performance issues with SNOTE and the UR Patches from 731 onwards. I have recently upgraded our UR and my colleagues in basis administration had to tweak the memory in an extreme manner to avoid crashes from memory exhaustion. In the end I think we had something like 6 GB consumed purely from the Dialogue process from SNOTE which is insane IMHO.

    EDIT: @ Samuli, I just saw your comment mentioning even going above 10GB. Guess I can still consider myself lucky here with "only" 6 GB  ;-P

    Cheers, Lukas


    1. Former Member

      Dear Lukas,

      Currently we are working on a solution about making the UR update much more easier and avoiding such annoying side effects during update.

      Best regards,
      Gabor Cseh
      SAP Active Global Support

      1. Hi Gabor,

        thanks for the feedback, that's excellent news! (smile)

        Cheers, Lukas

  6. Former Member

    Dear all,

    We recently upgraded a customer system from BW 7.01 to BW 7.4 EHP10. 

    We followed the instructions of the wiki to solve a wrong behaviour of web interface (master data management, metadata repository, SOA manager, etc.), but we got some problems.

    Firstly, executing the report WDG_MAINTAIN_UR_MIMES we had the following error:

     "Internal error PHIO not found in IF_MR_API~GET;
    inform person responsible".

    After having asked to SAP, the answer was to import a file, but again we had an error stating that "the name is not unique".


    Did anyone face the same issues?


    Thanks in advance.


    1. Former Member

      Dear Samuele,


      Please do not discuss these kind of issues here.

      The ticket of this particular problem is processed internally by SAP and there is no need to run it twice (here and in the incident).


      Thank you and best regards,

      Gabor Cseh

      SAP Active Global Support

  7. Former Member

    Hello all,


    we render the theme of the webdynpro for abap with the theme from the portal. We knkow, that there are dependencies between portal ur-version and webdydynpro-abap-ur-version.

    Where can I find the portal-ur-version?


    Best regards


    1. Anonymous

      The procedure is explained in SAP note 2080430 and linked SAP note 1633173. In case it's not clear, try using the URI /irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/


  8. Former Member

    Hi Gabor,

    Is Unified Rendering update by TCI possible now? I checked the PDF doco from the TCI link here but I don't see any TCI package attachment in SAP Notes.

    Download the TCI

    : Search the SAP Note 1995550 that contains the Note Assistant enablement e.g. via Add the SAP Note and the attached TCIs to your download basket by clicking Download . In your download basket, you will find next to the SAP Notes the TCIs for all supported basis releases with the name SAPK<release><nr>CPSAPBASIS (e.g. SAPK700003CPSAPBASIS). Download the relevant TCI.

    Thank you!




    1. Former Member

      Hi Seung,


      Yes, it is possible to join as pilot customers.

      Please check the "Are you are insterested in becoming a pilot customer?" section of this page:




  9. Great summary and instruction!