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CL 251018
2458311Controls in Firefox 52 or higher behave unexpected when focussed or losing focus
CL 251018
2373370"Caption" property for LiveCache systems displayed in user unfriendly way by SLD
2372822Messaging System Monitor might fail with OpenSQLException
2372204Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Styles Integrity Test Component
2372183Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in LogPortalComponent component
2369541Missing XML Validation vulnerability in Enterprise Portal
2366713Missing Input Length Validation vulnerability in Runtime Workbench

CL 235767

2308018XMLHardener migration controller
2307947PI SEC: Information Disclosure in Runtime Workbench
2307863Unable to launch JSP based browser application
2307517TransactionAttributeType of @TransactionAttribute on method level is not always taken into consideration
2305082PermissionsCache not updated when UME actions are deleted during undeploy
2304593JCo: CALL_FUNCTION_WRONG_VERSION error with R/3 4.0A & 4.0B
2304211In System message "Lifetime" tab is now "Lifetime(Hours)"
2299261Wrong Login Error Message for a Custom Security Policy
2296939SQLAny16 Support - .CAB File Creation
2296287Output for UDF(User Defined Function) with multiple values for one input and single input for other contains only one value for the output field.
2294294No Audit Log for Lookup Channel Processing
2294216PI cannot authenticate using basic user name and password
2292139TLSv1.2 support in Axis adapter
2291194Device registration sync fails
2290959New Changes in SAP NW Mobile Client for better usability
2290571SQLAny16 - PDA OCA Client Launch Issue
22885567B1504 - Improvements in client startup and fullpatch
2287906UDDI deployment in 7.11 fails due to Unsupported Recommended Feature:
2287234Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Message Display Tool
2286956Information Disclosure vulnerability in Message Display Tool
2286177"Last Successful Password Logon" and "Last Failed Password Logon" Attributes Are Not Updated
2285454Logviewer runs into XML-Parse-Exception
2284976Messages dissapear in Channel Monitor Servlet Page for Axis Sender Channel
2284321SAXException occured during start of
2284059Update of SSL library within NW Java server
2283618changes for Trace file size parameter doenst get reflected
2283225Potential information disclosure relating to Axis adapter sender task
2282132Enabling the custom logon module through agents
2281002Information Disclosure in Portal Netweaver Client Services
2280371Directory Traversal Vulnerability in a Telnet Command
2279608IFbA: XDC setting for Duplex printing ignored in bundling
2277486Java GUI crash changed TextView with Textedit
2274922Client corrupt after first startup
2273988Service can not be started
2273582NW Mobile Client: JavaGUI version update 7.40rev6.2
2271704Potential denial of service in RWB
2264539NullPointerException in JMSSender channel
2263832Incorrect Focus on the NetWeaver Logon Page
2263656ClickJacking protection in HTMLB Java using the whitelist service
2263010Prevent java.lang.NullPointerException in connector service during JNDI lookup operation
2257374RTMF Failure Due to Change in JMS Authorization
2250470Trace entry: File doesnt exists./settings/MobileEngine.config
2248266Asynchronous Axis sender channel is throwing JMS errors
2233105IFbA: Safari on Mac - ZCI request cannot be submitted
2202953PI-SEC: Unauthorized use of application functions in PI Messaging System
2184172Accessibility Improvement in the UWL Table Control
2174653Potential information disclosure relating to PI Messaging System
2159438javax.jms.JMSSecurityException due to lack of permissions
2158899Axis sender channel returns empty message to SOAP calls
2132215Cache Inconsistency Caused by SQL Exception
2099080IE Issue: Performance issue IE11 quirks mode
2089143IfS/IfSwithouElse,RFC/JDBC Lookup,UDF with multiple outpins and with multiple arrows from a node doesnot give proper output
1938431Image mapping does not work for custom display attribute
1875030Unexpected javax.persistence.OptimisticLockException or javax.persistence.PersistenceException (entity does not exist in the database)
1554743Problems in UDDI due to NullPointerException in TModelDBHelper
1243341Improved logging in J2EE Engine
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