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The Unified Rendering engine is incrementally patched on the ABAP side. When you apply the notes below, there will be numerous prerequisites. These prerequisites will apply one by one the changes to the ABAP engine. All the notes together will bring the system to the complete and actual stack level.

Implementing the UR notes may take time, and you need to be careful to always activate all the objects listed at the application, otherwise the UR framework can become inconsistent and syntax errors can occur in UR classes.

Please be aware that updating Unified Rendering via notes in a system with old SP is strongly NOT recommended. It can cause many syntax errors and based on our experience many of the updates will end with a corrupted system and the SP upgrade cannot be avoided anyway. 


SAP UR Notes

Check the corresponding SAP UR note according to the system's NW version.

The main note contains the list of UR correction notes which should be applied.

 Please always use the English language version of below notes due to the translation can be delayed!

NW versionSoftware componentValid from - minimum SP levelSAP UR note number
730SAP_BASISSAPKB73010 - SP102154726
710SAP_BASISSAPKB71014 - SP142159280
711SAP_BASISSAPKB71105 - SP052159126
720SAP_BASISSAPKB72004 - SP042159222


The update procedure

Before you start the process:


SAP strongly recommends to update component SAP_BASIS to its latest Service Pack; in most cases, this will significantly reduce the number of SAP notes to apply.

  1. Check your system's exact sap_basis version in SAP GUI  System  Status  SAP System Data section  "Component info" button 
  2. If your SAP_BASIS version is below the mentioned minimum SP level. Please apply the newest SAP_BASIS Service Pack first, and proceed with step 3.

  3. Update your system's SNOTE version to the latest (see #875986 up to 702 and #1668882 for newer versions)
  4. Update the MIME checking report with #2052845  (if not yet included in the system via support package) 
  5. Adjust the memory settings of your backend system according to SAP note  #2180736

The update process:


  1. Open the UR SAP note from the above table which is relevant for your SAP_BASIS release (NW version).
  2. If you have not applied yet any of the listed UR notes (valid for your SAP_BASIS Support Package), choose the bottom most entry for your SAP_BASIS Support Package in the table in the note (cf. third column) and proceed with step 3.
  3. If you have already applied some of the UR notes, search for the first note in the list (starting from the top) that has not yet been applied. 
  4. Starting from the entry found in the previous step, apply all the notes up to the top of the list (in the order from bottom to top). Apply the notes separately, i.e. restart SNOTE (/nSNOTE) each time a note has been applied. 
    Never stop at any point in note implementation, because the system will not be consistent without applying all the notes!

In case of problems, please do not apply further notes or deimplement any note, because it can destroy the system and the update can be inconsistent.

Please also read SAP note #2090746 about the  update process.

After the update process - Checking the consistency

  1. Once all the notes are applied, make sure that you delete the server and client cache according to the last screenshot of 
  2. Run report: WDG_MAINTAIN_UR_MIMES.
  3. Compare the two values labeled "urchangelist". Both must show the same number. Please see on the below screenshot.
  4. If they do not show the same value, please execute the option 'Force MIME deployment' and check if this resolves the issue.
  5. If the "urchangelist" value within the first red square of the below screenshot is smaller than the "urchangelist" value within the second red square ,then please reinstall the last UR SAP Note and repeat the option 'Force MIME deployment'.



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  1. Anonymous

    I was hoping you could clarify something. How does applying the SAP notes containing the ABAP corrections apply the SAP notes containing the MIME corrections?

    Take for example

    2212887 Corrections for unified rendering up to SAP_UI 740/14 Ia

    How does applying 2212887 apply also

    2212890 Corrections for unified rendering up to SAP_UI 740/14 I

    As far as I understand, it doesn't. I do see that 2212890 lists 2212887 as a prerequisite but not the other way around and since the instructions in SAP note 2154957 (and the interactive PDF) ask to apply 2212887, I think the MIME corrections will never be applied. Have I misunderstood something? Are the instructions provided here incomplete/incorrect?

    1. Former Member

      Hi Samuli,


      Actually both methods' lists contains all the ABAP notes and only 1 MIME note (the last one).

      This is because the MIME zip is always overwritten at the same place in MIME repository and only 1 overwrite (with the latest one) is enough.

      The prerequisite chain contains only the ABAP notes as well.


      Best regards,


  2. Anonymous

    Understood, it makes sense now. Maybe there needs to be more emphasis on the assumption that one really applies all the notes from bottom up where the first note in the list is the one having the MIME corrections.

  3. We updated our UI Patch to 15 and also implemented the subsequent notes which has to be according to note 2154957. Now we are getting issues with FPM Components like F4 help is not coming, not able to edit WD Application Name, unable to assign GUIBB etc. Does anyone has come across such issues and is there any solution for this.




    1. Former Member

      Hi Dhruv,


      Please check if the current status is consistent in WDG_MAINTAIN_UR_MIMES.

      Anyway, please do not ask questions here, use the SCN forum:




  4. Former Member

    Hello Gabor, 

    Thanks for all this information.

    I have updated in SAP_BASIS 702 from: 
    urchangelist: 228259
    notes: 2138788 (Corrections for unified rendering 702/18 II)

    urchangelist: 257467
    notes: 2392097 (Corrections for unified rendering 702/19 IV (A)) and  2392096 (Corrections for unified rendering 702/19 IV ( mimes )).

    But, in this last note 2392096 (mime) in snote I see that the note 2231974 (Corrections for unified rendering 702/18 VIII) is a prerequisite, this is ok?.
    When I add them to a transport request, it show a syntax error, I suspect it is generated by the changes in note 2231974.

    When I try to release the task, it indicates the following:

    Object METH CLUR_NW7_FACTORY==============CM07O is inactive
    Object METH CLUR_NW7_FACTORY==============CM07P is inactive
    Object METH CLUR_NW7_INIT_UTIL============CM07O is inactive
    Object METH CLUR_NW7_INIT_UTIL============CM07P is inactive

    Anyway the update ended well and I was able deploy Mime correctly, but I need to validate this before transporting the changes to productive.

    I attach reference images.

    Best Regards.

    Cristián Flores.

    Display Request
    Syntax Error
    Objects inactives

    1. Former Member

      Hi Cristian,

      Please do not discuss these kind of issues here, because it needs a system access and deeper check from our side (SAP Support).

      I would like to ask you to open an incident about this issue with every needed screenshots and documentation including system connection.

      Thanks, Gabor