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This page describes how to open an incident to SAP.


Sources of Information


Error Reporting

Problem handling within the SAP Support ticketing system is greatly influenced by the amount and quality of information supplied with the initial error ticket. Please ensure that all relevant information is provided with the incident from the beginning of the error handling process to avoid additional inquiries that could potentially elongate the process.

In order to provide the fastest and highest quality of support, please make sure that the encountered problem is surely an error in the Web Dynpro ABAP Framework before opening a customer message.

  1. Check the Sources of Information mentioned above
  2. If there is not enough relevant information, please try to analyze the problem with the available Tools
  3. Make sure that the incident is related to a real Web Dynpro ABAP Framework error (the problem should be reproducible and furthermore reproducible with an SAP standard application)
    • If the problem occurs although you did not change anything in your coding, reactivate the relevant components
    • If you encounter a JavaScript error, delete the temporary internet files in your browser
    • If you see something strange on the User Interface (UI): 
      • Delete the server cache (in transaction SMICM click on Goto menu -> HTTP Plug-In  -> Server Cache -> Invalidate Globally)
      • Delete the browser cache (
      • If the UI problem still persists, apply the Unified Rendering corrections according to the Unified Rendering Update
    • If the main problem still persists, create an incident with the following data:
      • Detailed description about how the problem can be recreated
      • Screenshots about the problem (containing the whole browser window)
      • HTTPWatch trace file in .hwl format


Please report an error only when:


SAP Notes on Opening Incidents

Components for error reporting

  • BC-WD-ABA – For problems with the runtime and HTML rendering (see also SAP Note 938809: Checklist for creating problem messages)
  • BC-DWB-WD-ABA – For problems with the Web Dynpro ABAP development environment (SE80)
  • BC-WD-CMP-ALV-ABA – For problems with the Web Dynpro ABAP ALV table