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Warning - I'm about to show you something that is incredibly simple.  Some people may want to add to this.  The idea behind this page to show how easily you can move from ALV to a Web Dynpro.  And YES there is a lot more to it then what I'm showing here.  You'll have to hit some of the elearning to really figure it out.  Plus WebDynpro training is a good idea.  I just want to illustrate a easy example that will take old skills and turn them into something new - with very little work.  Feel free to update / change this page.

Many of you know ALVs - this is an example of Web Dynpro that uses ALV to display the results.

Create a data definition.
Let the system know you are using an ALV

This assumes you've filled your table with normal ABAP code.  (In my case I did it in an object that was defined as a model)   Here is where you move your table to the ALV output.

Here is the layout for your ALV.

Here is how you link your ALV to your layout

This really doesn't explain anything.  The attempt here is to show you how easy it is to move from programming ALVs to programming an ALV screen in WebDynpro.  And to get you excited enough to visit the elearning, take a class, and / or buy a book.  This is still using ABAP.  Just using it differently.  By the way it helps to understand the basic ABAP object prior to doing a WebDynpro.  Some may argue with me - BUT I don't think you have to know or understand it in detaIl.
Please update this page with any more information that you may have!!!!

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  1. I love these simple pages! Some pictures say more than some thousand words ;-)