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Please refer to Web Dynpro for Java Demo Kit


  1. Guest

    Unable to download the demo kit, I am getting below error.

    Unfortunately we have trouble completing your download request. Please contact for further support.



  2. Anonymous

    Same error here...


  3. Guest

    I am also getting the error.


  4. Guest

    Use a different browser.

    A dumb idea, but it works. (smile)

    I used Firefox(rocks!!), it worked.

    -Prasad Nutalapati

  5. Guest

    Totally, firefox works!

  6. Guest

    It also works in Google Chrome.

     Nice and very useful tutorial, btw.

  7. Guest

    Works fine! (thumbs up)

    But where I can get the source code of the examples???

    - Henry -

  8. Former Member

    The source code for all demos, tutorials and the demokit frame is available after importing the corresponding development components into the NWDS as described in the documentation.

  9. Guest

    I couldn't find the TableFilter and TableSorter java classes for CE 7.11 in the Demo Kit I downloaded. Can you please provide us those classes for CE 7.11 version.


  10. Hi Armin,

    I am tried to find out SCA files but no success.
    Could you please let us know where to find the Software Components like HM-WDUIDMKTCNT SCA file etc as metioned in the demo kit applications.

    - Arun Jaiswal

  11. Guest


    Can the Tomcat version run on MAC OS?



  12. Guest


    Where should i down load the demo Applications from....

    I could see the Document which opens for every different Project. But i dont see where to sync the DC from?

    I have connected to sapnameserver:53600 but donno in which track i will find the HM-WDUIDMKTCNT component :(

    Help me here plsssss :(



  13. Former Member

    Hello Armin,

    Will there be the some demo kit for NW7.3 version? which has been released for some time already?

    Thanks and best regards,


  14. Former Member

    wow all link are very use ful,i wanna example for how to connect  mysql DB in NWDS 7.3

  15. Former Member

    Is package for CE7.2 - 0 bytes!?

  16. Tomcat version - 0 bytes, can you please provide it?