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Welcome to Web Dynpro Java!

For the official content on Web Dynpro Java, check out the Web Dynpro homepage here on SDN, it's a good starting point to find documentation, tutorials & samples and a lot of other information.

Get started:

Wiki contributions:


General Concepts
Getting Started
NWDS wiki page and NWDS Shortcut Keys
FAQ - Runtime - Installation and Upgrade

Componentization - real life scenarios

Use components in bigger Web Dynpro projects (componentization)

Programming Model

Context Node Sorting
Node Types
Node Properties: Cardinality, Singletion, Selection cardinality
Methods Present in the View and Component controllers
Supply Function
Validating Web Dynpro Java applications

Models and Backend Access

FAQ - Models - Adaptive RFC
FAQ - Models - Adaptive Web Service
Accessing BAPI-Web service
Consuming ABAP Web Service in Java WD

Portal Integration

Check all Users who have logged into portal - webdynpro appl
Retrieving all iViews from PCD
Running Web Dynpro Java Applications in Portal

Development Process

FAQ - Development - Debugging
FAQ - Development - Logging and Tracing
FAQ - Development - NWDI
FAQ - Development - Web Dynpro Tools


Getting an image from KM Documents to be used in Web Dynpro

Object Value Selector

Value Help - Object Value Selector
Customizing Value Help - Object Value Selector

View - UI

View Element Aggregation and Drag and Drop in View Designer
FAQ - Generic UI Services - Popup Windows
Confirmation Dialog Box
Dynamic UI Generation

UI Elements

Adobe Integration
Creating Table in Interactive Form
WebDynpro Java and IFbA - dynamically integrate images in forms
Gantt and Network
Creating Hierarchies usingNetworkUI Element in Webdynpro
TextEdit: new lines


FAQ - Table
Table Cell Variants
Table Cell Popin (CE 7.1)

Table Filters

Filtering Table Values using WebDynpro
Enhancing Tables in WebDynpro Java
Ready Made Table Filter (NW04) and its Extension (CE 7.1)
SDN Library

Table Sorters

Generic Web Dynpro Java Table
Enhanced Web Dynpro Java TableSorter
SDN Forum


Colorful WebDynpro Applications
How to Define the Theme Used by a Web Dynpro Java Application

UI Services

Introduce a User and Role Based Access Into a Web Dynpro Project

Learning Web Dynpro For Java


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  • Moderators of this WIKI section are Reshma Nair and Stefanie Bacher.
Java Books

Recently Updated

Page: Access WebDynpro URL parameters programaticly Page: Adaptive RFC2 Model NW CE 7.1 java.lang.NullPointerException Page: Adobe Flash Islands for Web Dynpro Google Maps Page: Architecture Of Web Dynpro for Java Page: Basic Structure of Page Processor Component Page: Browse and Collect using Drag and Drop in WD Java CE 7.1 Page: Cardinality Property,Singleton Property,Selection Cardinality Page: Changing the JDI in NetWeaver Developer Studio Page: Check all Users who have logged into portal - webdynpro appl Page: Clusterwide exception - Failed to deploy Web Dynpro content for application Page: Configure NWDS for Debugging Page: Configure SAP WebAS for Debugging Page: Connecting to MDM using webdynpro java Page: Consuming ABAP Web Service in Java WD Page: Context Mapping and Selection Mapping Page: Context nodes and Context Mapping Page: Coversions of different archive files Page: creating a home page as dashboard using webdynpro iviews Page: Creating an EJB and invoking in Webdynpro Java Page: Creating a Portal Group using Webdynpro Page: Creating Confirmation Dialog Box in WebDynpro Java Page: Creating Hierarchies using Network UI Element in Webdynpro Page: Customizing Value Help - Object Value Selector Page: Custom Languages for Web Dynpro Applications Page: Deployment Error in NWDS Page: Deployment fails with WD error "Fully qualified name of the repository VMO must be globally unique" Page: Deprecated Methods in NWDS 7.0 and above Page: Display Flash Graphs in Webdynpro JAVA Page: Dynamic Role Assignment Using WebDynpro application Page: Dynamic UI Generation Page: EAR,EPA,PAR,SDA,SCA Page: Email with Multiple Attachments to Multiple Recipients Page: Error Handling Page: events in FPM Page: Exception on Execution of Web Service Page: External Mapping and Normal Mapping Page: FAQ - General - Getting Started Page: FAQs Page: Features of Webdnpro Java Page: Generic Table Filter Code Page: Generic Table Filter to filter child nodes Page: Getting Portal Host and PortNumber in WebDynpro Application. Page: How to add a picture for WD Java button Page: How to connect MDM using Web Dynpro Java Page: How to create Portal User by using Web Dynpro Java Page: How to solve no attribute binding problem in Web Dynpro Model component Page: How to solve WD problem “the assigned model class info has no property attributeName” Page: How to use KM functionality in WebDynpro DC Page: How to use values from Business Rules Manager decision table to fill a Web dynpro dropdown list Page: Introduction Page: iPortal Component Page: Java Connector Architecture (JCA) Page: Learning Map Page: Links Page: Locking and UnLocking Mechanism in KM Document Using Webdynpro Java Page: Logging and Tracing in Web Dynpro Page: methods in FPM Page: Methods Present in the View and Component controllers Page: New UI Elements and their features in NWDS 7.1 Page: Oracle Connectivity with EJB using WebDynpro Application Page: PDK(Portal Development Kit) Page: Performance measurement in webdynpro applications Page: Polymorphism in wedynpro components with an example Page: Problems with Traditional UI interface Page: Questions Page: Questions about WebDynpro Page: Re-creating the File Object from WebDynPro FileUpload UI control Page: Retrieving all iViews from PCD Page: SAP WebDynpro Java Glossary Page: Send mail with attachment using web dynpro API's Page: Supply Function in Webdynpro Page: Tabbed View Page: Table Cell Popin in Ce 7.1 with an Example. Page: Testing EJBs using JNDI lookup Page: TextEdit new-line character handling Page: The Java Connector(Jco),Enterprise Connector Page: Tutorial-Problems with SAP NWDS 7.1 CE Page: Tutorial Web Dynpro Java displaying a smartform in WDJ applications Page: Using Network UI Element in Webdynpro Page: Using Table Cell Variants in NW 2004s Page: Validating Web Dynpro Java applications Page: Value Help - Object Value Selector Page: Webdynpro Application with Language different than Portal personalized language Page: Webdynpro CE 7.1 Controllers Page: Web Dynpro for Java Demo Kit Page: Web Dynpro Java Page: Web Dynpro Java, Help For "Real Life" Scenarios Page: WebDynpro Java and IFbA - dynamically integrate images in forms Page: WebDynpro Java - UI -Development - Roadmap Element. Page: Web Dynpro Text Mapping