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This page is used for ABAP based application performance analysis.
Workload Analysis&Response Time
This section contains an introduction to the following key components of Response Time and the general guide of troubleshooting.
  • Wait time
  • Roll-Wait Time
  • Load and Generate Time
  • Processing Time
  • DB Time
  • Frontend GUI Time

To view more details, please click  HERE .



Work Process Performance Analysis
Please see following notes for further information:  2430181 - - How To Analyze Work Process Performance Issues. Below wiki page has more information about Work Processes configuration and Best Practices. Help portal:





Buffer Areas



Load Balancing-working by xiaopeng



Enqueu Performance&ENQUEUE TIME
Enqueue time is used to request and set SAP locks by making use of the enqueuer work process. Typically, this component of the dialog response time is rather small, usually less than 5 ms. Related SAP Notes 97760 - Enqueue: Performance and resource consumption 2252679 - How to analyze an enqueue lock problem. 2126913 - ENQU: The enqueue log 2013043 - Performance Problems with Enqueue Work Process 2019532 - Performance of integrated enqueue server
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