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The BPX community serves as a unique repository for knowledge that focuses on a wide variety of process, implementation, and solution issues. Through the BPX Wiki spaces, you can access strategically relevant information regarding business processes and the technology solutions that support them. Community projects allow you to connect with other members to prototype end-to-end business process solutions.

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    Healthcare Home (Healthcare (German)) — Welcome to the Wiki space for Healthcare. In this space we would like to encourage the Healthcare community to share knowledge about SAP for Healthcare solutions, business processes and other relevant topics. The space is set up as a Public Expert Wiki - this means that you have to register as an editor before you can collaborate in this space. Everybody can comment, of course.  
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    Public Sector (Public Sector)
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    Sustainability [Read-only] Home (Sustainability [Read-only]) — Sustainability has made it into many headlines. Sustainability is definitely a global trend today. Some companies are reporting on it, and there are new indicators that certainly will be in the annual reports of almost every public company in the coming years. To help define new indicators for our company, we decided to integrate you into this process from the very beginning. We believe in a completely transparent community-based approach, and this is one way that you can help SAP and the BPX/SDN community in our efforts to develop indicators specific to a software vendor in the high-tech industry.
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    Utilities Industry Home (Utilities Industry)
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    Business Process Expert [Read-only] Home (Business Process Expert [Read-only]) — Welcome to the Business Process Expert (BPX) space. This is the SDN WIKI starting point for topics around Business Process Expert. Feel free to create and correct entries. 
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    IS-Retail (SAP for Retail)

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  1. Unknown User (mz4d06r)

    we are using Strategy Group 60, where in we use the Planning Material to plan the demand in advance which shall be subsequently consumed with the Sale Orders.

    One Problem we are encountering is that the present availability check / Checking Group '02' / 'AE' is considering only PRs in the availability check. The requirement is to consider the Purchase Orders (POs) also. Hence request to suggest a suitable solution to create a new checking group to consider POs also during availability check.


    1.When Mrp runs for planning material before booking sales    order it checks for pending po and Unrestricted stocks   and gives planned/ Pr,s only for difference qty,s.
    2.When Mrp Runs after booking  Sales Order, does not check pending po and  unrestricted stock, gives fresh requirements by consuming from the plan, if sufficient open requirements  are not available in that particular Wk ( ours is wkly plan with forward consumption) it consumes from  the consequent  wks .
    3.As far consumption from  plan at the time of booking the Order it happens according to the plan, does not allow to book over and above than the plan, also the issue of using  “F’ 30 in procurement type is resolved  by  activating  Mixed MRP in Mrp 3 view as suggested by you (1  Subassembly planning with final assembly) where by as and when orders are booked the Pr’s get consumed
      What we require

    1.At the time of Mrp run it should check un-restricted stocks and pending po,s and trigger sales order requirements only for difference qty, and if material is available in unrestricted stock it should move to sales order stock, and if any difference in qty & if  there is a pending po  it should create reservation,once that material comes to stock the reservation should get knocked off by transffering it to sales order stock.