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The SAP Community implementation team in SAP IT provides regular updates to the SAP Community platform. Here we provide regular release notes to inform our community members about new features and bug fixes.

SAP Community Release Notes of 2017

SAP  Community release notes of 2016

Release April 25th, 2018 

 New Features

  • (Answers & Blogs)  Now we support RSS feeds. We added feed support for latest questions and blog posts of a specific tag as well as latest answers including comments of a specific question and comments of a blog post. (SOC-6686)
  • (Answers &  Blogs) We adjust the list of select-able tags for blog posts and questions for languages other than English (SOC-6640) 
  • (People) Now we support RSS feeds on Profile where you can subscribe to the user's content as an RSS feed from their profiles. (UXP-1645)

Release March 28th, 2018 

 New Features

  • (Gamification) Community goes Gamification. Now you can earn badges that gives insights about your experience level. Get more information here (SOC-6593)

  • (People) Ability to hide / show your public profile. You can give / revoke consent to displaying your public profile via Account Settings→Privacy Settings. (UXP-1563)
    Please note: Privacy Settings will go into effect only on May 25th.

Release March 22nd, 2018 


( Community Homepage Feeds on a specific Topic(e.g. "Mentor Blogs"): secondary tags in addition to primary are included into filtering blogs/questions


Release March 21st, 2018 


  • (Activity Stream) Changed wording in activity stream when a question got replaced (SOC-6270)

  • (Notification) Notifications are now available for content which has to be retagged (SOC-5740)


Release March 14th, 2018 


  • (Moderation) Fixed one issue that pre-moderated items get stuck in moderation queue  (SOC-6537, SOC-5514)
  • (Q&A) Showing correct author in case a comment get converted to an answer (SOC-3254)

Release February 28th, 2018 

 New Features

  •  (Search) Header search is now using the new search experience (SOC-6406)


  •  (Q&A)  Adjusted information pop-up that is displayed when you try to alert a moderator about content for which you already sent an alert. Now the text is more intuitive and hold only one button. In the past the second button cancelled  your initial alert without even informing you about that action. (SOC-6407)
  • (Q&A)  Fix the issue that the number of comments was sometimes not correctly displayed  (SOC-4770)

Release February 14th, 2018 


  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that 'SAP SQL Anywhere' was not available as primary tag for Japanese (SOC-6287)
  • (Answers) Fixed UI bug that actions menu for questions sometimes disappeared (SOC-6044)
  • (Answers) Tag picker is working correctly when changing primary tag in questions (SOC-6244)
  • (Blogs) Moderator report is not anymore exceeding page width (SOC-6208)
  • (Notifications) Fixed the issue that title of accepted answer was missing in notifications (SOC-6271)
  • (Notifications)  Icons where not available in email notificiations  (SOC-6370)

Release February 13th, 2018 


  •  (Coffee Corner) Karma credits have been recalculated based on new Coffee Corner settings

Release January 31st, 2018 


  •  (Coffee Corner) Karma credits can not be received anymore for activities in coffee corner

Release January 17th, 2018 

New Features

  •  (Answers, Blogs) New language specific tag for Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese  are available (SOC-6147)


  • (Activity Stream) Improved messaging in case user could not authenticate successfully to Activity stream (SOC-6087)
  • (Activity Stream) Fixed the issue that Activities Stream and Notification Inbox appeared blank in special cases (SOC-5853)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that moderators where able to moderate content even though they have lost their moderation permissions (SOC-6216)
  • (Answers) Search results do not contain Coffee Corner discussions anymore when redirection questions (SOC-6004)
  • (Answers) Fixed that the secondary tag 'API ' was removed after saving a question (SOC-6221)
  • (Answers) Adjusted the end user message in activity stream in case a message has been unaccepted (SOC-5485)
  • (Blogs) Moderation alert is now also recovered when an alerted and trashed blog post is undeleted (SOC-3463)
  • (Notifications) Fixed wrong timestamps for notifications from Messages (SOC-5305)

Release January 9th, 2018


  • (People) Fixed missing Legacy Reputation not being shown when user has only point and no badges (UXP-1519)


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