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SAP Community Release Notes Page

Release December 22th, 2016

New Features

  • (Activity Stream) Improved user interface, e.g. reduced avatar size, white space, etc (SOC-3175)
  • (Activity Stream, Notification) Added actions menu (SOC-4380)
  • (Notifications) Improved user interface incl. reduced avatar size & white space. Also hover functionality to mark notifications as read and unread (SOC-4509)
  • (Notifications) New feature to mark all notifications as read with one click (SOC-4441)


  • (Activity Stream) Fixed that some activities of followed blog posts have missing information e.g. title (SOC-4253)


Release December 8th, 2016

New Features

  • (Archive) Provide a ‘Ask a question on that topic’ button for discussions in the archive that forward you to the ask a question page and pre fills the primary tag field (SOC-4494)
  • (Answers, Blogs) Adjust Url pattern for tag pages to more simple format e.g. ' ’ (SOC-4467) 
  • (Answers, Blogs) Add Support Services as selectable tag to Tag Picker (SOC-4400) 
  • (Moderation) The moderation queue now shows the number of moderation entries (SOC-4378)
  • (Notification) Adjusted the notification that is received when someone sent you a message (SOC-4277)

  • (Navigation) Edit My Profile link is now displayed in the avatar dropdown (SOC-4503)


  • (Archive) Fixed the issue that discussions with 0 comments are displayed in the archive (SOC-4352)

  • (Moderation)  Now a selected item in the moderation queue is highlighted and the queue list does no longer scroll automatically to the top  (SOC-2869)
  • (People) Logged in user without userName can not view public profiles (UXP-734)
  • (People) URLs with anchors incorrectly generated (UXP-822)  


Release November 24th, 2016

New Features

  • (Answers) Visited Questions are now visualised (SOC-4272)
  • (Answers) Karma Credit page has been redesigned  (SOC-3596)
  • (Archive) Additional requested content is now available in the Community Archive  (SOC-4306)
  • (Blogs, Answers) Changes to the list of alert categories (SOC-4209)
  • (Moderation) Read Only Access To Moderation Tags is enabled for Moderators  (SOC-4260)
  • (Navigation) Navigation menu for "Developer" has been updated (SOC-4356)
  • (Tagging) Additional tags for Portuguese And Japanese are now available  (SOC-4249)
  • (People) Send profile changes to Activity stream (UXP-196)


  • (General) Additional redirects have been changed and added  (SOC-4253) 


Search Release November 6th, 2016

New Features

  • Link to GSA with search term submission: The cross link from our Search to GSA now includes the actual search query.
  • Cross link from There is a cross link available from the results page to 1DX search (
  • Improved ‘Recommended’ content management (Best Bets): Search now supports up-/downloads of Best Bets – which now can be managed by the business. Best Bets significantly improve searchability of Community Topic Pages, for example.
  • Sitemap management improved: Search has set up a service to host (manually managed) sitemaps. The business can now upload sitemaps that formerly were stored on SCN. In addition, we are in close collaboration with the sources to use directly their XML sitemaps already provisioned for Google.
  • Result boosting activation: Search has improved the option to boost search results and activated it for the default UI, allowing the business to explicitly promote selected search results, e.g. most frequented blogs in the archive.
  • Crawler optimizations: Search is continuously investing in fine tuning all crawlers (e.g. metadata adjustments and crawler rules) – as a result, we are getting better data in the search index and improved searchability.


  • Searchability of changing Community content improved / fixed: Search has adjusted the DB update / delta merge process – ensuring that changed Community content is always searchable.
  • Language determination fixed: Search has fixed a problem in language determination based on SM_TECH_IDS (making SM_TECH_IDS case sensitive). Re-indexing done by Community – now having a language found for all content.


Release November 1st, 2016

New Features

  • (Answers) Users who have been active on former SCN are not pre-moderated anymore (SOC-4172)

  • (Answers) Already visited questions are indicated as visited (SOC-4272)

  • (Archive) Improved sorry pages for unavailable/not existing content (SOC-2369, SOC-4157)

  • (Blogs) Posts which more than 50 comments will have now pagination (SOC-4111)

  • (Notification) New group messages will be available in Notification inbox (SOC-3099)

  • (Moderation) Moderators can now edit the post without changing the status of the post (SOC-3182)

  • (People) Ability to change visibility settings for profile attributes (UXP-739)


  • (Activity Stream) Filters in Activity Stream now work correctly, e.g. when selecting Blogs Q&A content is not appearing anymore (SOC-3778) 

  • (Answers) Editoral comment option is now available only to moderators and global moderators in Coffee Corner section (SOC-3488)

  • (Archive) Fixed that links to former SCN personal blogs are redirected to wrong location (SOC-4103)

  • (Blogs) Fixed UI issues for migrated blogs (SOC-3266)

  • (Blogs) Unnecessary visibility of user information in admin UI has been removed (SOC-4164)

  • (Blogs) UI fixes for mobile view of social buttons on iPhone (SOC-4142)

  • (Blogs) Fixed that emoticon size has been increased after editing a comment (SOC-4112)

  • (Messages) Chats are now loaded correctly when switching between different platforms (SOC-4158)

  • (Notification) Switching between Activity Stream and Notification tab is now working correctly (SOC-2877)

  • (Search) Language information is now send to search (SOC-4142)

  • (People) Incorrect deletion order of Elsewhere links (UXP-765)
  • (People) Avatar upload: rotating big canvases loads and crashes the browser (UXP-819)
  • (People) Single logout fails with error HTTP Status 400 (UXP-808)
  • (People) FirstName LastName not visible on Following list anymore (UXP-804)


Release October 18th, 2016

New Features

  • (People) Additional information for People search (UXP-560)
  • (People) Every existing SCN user has at least contributor blogger permissions (UXP-694)


  • (Activity Stream) Apostrophe and special characters are now correctly displayed (SOC-3206, SOC-4001)
  • (Activity Stream) Fixed that wrong title appears in Activity Stream when publishing a comment on question or discussion (SOC-4110)
  • (Answers, Blogs) Social sharing counters are now displayed fir questions and blog posts (SOC-3938)
  • (Answers) Accessibility improvement for screen reader support, i.e system response not found after posting an answer (SOC-3272, SOC-4128)
  • (Answers) UI improvements for mobile view, e.g. padlock icon is now correctly displayed on iPhone/iPad on portrait view (SOC-3975, SOC-4109, SOC-4053, SOC-4099, SOC-4052)
  • (Answers) Correct author is added for moderated Questions and Answer (SOC-4011)
  • (Answers) Avatars are corrected when opening comment section (SOC-4009)
  • (Answers) Content under moderation is not visible for end users until published (SOC-3958)
  • (Answers) Deleted questions are now removed from search index (SOC-3952)
  • (Answers) Karma Credit calculation and wrongly calculated values have been corrected (SOC-4100)
  • (Archive) UI improvements for Archive, e.g. extra spacing at bottom of the pages (SOC- 4128, SOC-4129, SOC-4130)
  • (Archive) Fixed profile links redirecting to wrong targets (SOC-4103)
  • (Archive) Archive search for discussions returned an error (SOC-4205)
  • (Blogs) Several accessibility improvements for screen reader support e.g. selecting a primary tag on the add new post page (SOC-2979, SOC-2976)
  • (Blogs) UI fixes, e.g. fixed incorrect default avatar (SOC-4138, SOC-2908)
  • (Blogs) Solved the issue that users had to enter several times their password (SOC-3689)
  • (Blogs) Blog author is now leading to people profile (SOC-3908)
  • (Migration) Fix migration related issues (mixed content, missing embedded videos, broken redirections and more) (SOC-4098)
  • (Moderation) Profile and Avatar have now correct link (SOC-3568, SOC-3118)
  • (Moderation) UI improvements, tools menu not overlapping with footer anymore (SOC-4097)
  • (Moderation) Discussions can now also be moderated (SOC-3969)
  • (Moderation) Moderation options for alerts on Questions and Answers are now available (SOC-4013)
  • (Notifications) Fixed that when using IE 11 some icons are corrupted (SOC-3997)
  • (Search) Blogs are now indexed with language information (SOC-4143)
  • (People) Flash messages readable by screen readers (UXP-146)
  • (People) Fixed issue about jumping page when clicking on Elsewhere (UXP-708)
  • (People) Imported missing legacy missions (UXP-735)


Release September 29th, 2016

New Features

  • (Activity Stream) SSO implemented: Activity Stream now automatically signs you in without additional action in case you are already authenticated in Blogs or Answers (SOC-3638)
  • (Archive) Additional content, i.e. Cover Pages, has been added to the Document section the Community Archive (SOC-3486)


  • (Moderation) Moderation menu is now displayed on a mobile device (SOC-1862)
  • (Blogs) Clicking on the SAP logo now as well redirects on a mobile device to (SOC-3178)
  • (Answers) Filters now work as well on a mobile device (SOC-3417)
  • (Blogs) Logon avatar icon is now displayed in Blogs for anonymous users on a mobile device (SOC-3550)
  • (Blogs, Answers, Activity Stream, Archive) An opened profile menu now closes when you roll over the main navigation menu (SOC-3565)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that sometimes at page load kbentry.form.weight.label is displayed instead of "Your discussion title" (SOC-3754)
  • (Answers) Pagination functionality is removed from Coffee Corner and only the Show More link is displayed similar as for Questions & Answers (SOC-3773)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that sometimes a comment of a deleted questions is not proper restored if the question itself is undeleted (SOC-3465)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that it was not only possible to see the first 20 items of a search result. Clicking on Show More didn’t load the next items (SOC-3628)


Release September 14th, 2016

New Features

  • (Tag Pages) Community: "Follow a Tag" feature (SAPONEDX-8725)
  • (Topic pages) Moderator list: automatic population for multiple tags ( SAPONEDX-8660 )


  • ("All Content" and Tag pages) Finders: sorting by Newest is performed instead of sorting by Relevance (SAPONEDX-8756)
  • (Universal header) Finders: sorting by Newest is performed instead of sorting by Relevance (SAPONEDX-9377)


Release September 1st, 2016

New Features

  • (Blog Migration) New blog migration done that includes all blog content till August 15th (SOC-3602)
  • (Blogs) Introduced action menu with possible actions like 'View my posts' or 'Write a blog post' (SOC-3560)
  • (Blogs) Tag selection labels updated (SOC-3572)
  • (Blogs) SSO implemented: Blogs now automatically signs you in without the need of any user action in case you are already authenticated in Answers or in the Activity Stream (SOC-3637)
  • (Answers) SSO implemented: Answers now automatically signs you in without the need of any user action in case you are already authenticated in Blogs or in the Activity Stream (SOC-3367)
  • (Answers) Tag selection labels updated (SOC-3573)
  • (Answers) Introduced action menu with possible actions like 'Ask a question' (SOC-3561)
  • (Answers) Your Karma credits total is now displayed in the Question & Answer roll page (SOC-3570)
  • (Activity Stream) It’s now possible to log out of the Activity Stream (SOC-3144)


  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that sometimes the user avatar was broken in migrated posts (SOC-2846)
  • (Archive) Fixed the missing sign in link for Archive when using Internet Explorer (SOC-3390)
  • (People) Follow/unfollow bypassed pagination (UXP-77)


Release August 25th, 2016

New Features

  • (Community Topic Pages) Community: Improve language filtering for Blogs & Questions - Dynamic (SAPONEDX-8291)
  • ("All Content" page) Community: Improve language filtering for "All Content" page ( SAPONEDX-8292 )
  • (Tag and "All Content" pages) Improve search performance by using EXACT for TAGS field ( SAPONEDX-8330 )


  • ("All Content" pages) Community: incorrect work of Breadcrumbs on All content page in case the CTP exists under language layer (SAPONEDX-8657)
  • (Community Topic Pages) User redirects to about:blank page on page loading (SAPONEDX-8515)


Release August 18th, 2016

New Features

  • (Answers) Aligned Tag Picker with the one from Blogs (SOC-3302)
  • (Answers, Blogs, Moderation) Supports now English, German, Portuguese, Chinese-Simplified, Japanese and Spanish for content creation. Reduced amount of selected primary tags for languages other than English (SOC-3399)
  • (Archive) Archive contains now KM Cover Pages (SOC-3486)
  • (Blogs) Users with more than 2 published posts will be automatically upgraded from Contributors to Authors role(SOC-1686)
  • (Blogs) Users with less than 2 published posts will be downgraded from Authors to Contributors role (SOC-3194)
  • (Blogs) Filters are aligned with design (SOC-3412)
  • (People) Implemented Universal Header (UXP-569)


  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that a wrong Avatar is displayed  when commenting in Answers(SOC-3556)
  • (Answers) Fixed an issue with following discussions (SOC-3361)
  • (Answers) Cyrillic titles are now displayed correctly in search (SOC-3393)
  • (Answers) Fixed an issue with missing follow buttons for tags (SOC-3547)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that pre-moderated discussions and questions appears in the activity stream as already published (SOC-3428)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue of filtering tag pages does not work (SOC-3558)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that moderator icon got lost in a specific scenario (SOC-3553)
  • (Blogs) Post content is now left-aligned and no longer centered (SOC-3031)
  • (Universal Header) Fixed the issue that under specific circumstances the header navigation doesn't work (SOC-3577)
  • (Universal Header) Clicking on the SAP logo now opens (SOC-3575)
  • (People) IE11 – My content filtering and left hand navigation is now working (UXP-88)
  • (People) Comment count for Answers is now correct (UXP-561)
  • (People) Answers count for Questions is now correct (UXP-562)
  • (People) Answers/questions are now updating correctly (UXP-584)


Release August 4th, 2016

New Features

  • (Header) Implemented a Notification Indicator that shows the number of unread notifications next to the user (SOC-3245)
  • (Search) Enable community content to be filtered by type on search (SOC-3358)
  • (Answers) Notifications are now send for editorial comments (SOC-3373)
  • (Answers Moderation) Handle hierarchy implications in case of (un)delete.

In Answers moderation alerts can be raised both for questions or discussions and their respective child objects, comments and answers. If there is a moderation alert for a child element and a parent one is removed, the moderation alert for the child element is also removed from the moderation service. All actions for child elements are reverted again if an un-delete is executed (SOC-3387)

  • (Blog Migration) Personal blog posts from SCN are now included into the migration process to Blogs. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-3135)
  • (Blog Migration) Documents created by S and P are now included into the migration process to Blogs. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-3252)
  • (Blog Migration) Space name of the SCN space where a post is stored is now added as user tag to the post during migration. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-3247)
  • (Archive) New Date format has been added to Archive pages to allow correct indexing for Search on HANA (SOC-3097)
  • (People) Show more button for content items (UXP-113)
  • (People) Refactor content filtering, show different tabs per content type on mobile and show links in sidebar on desktop (UXP-112)


  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that the original poster cannot send an editorial comment to the moderator in case of the question has been alerted (SOC-3410)
  • (Answers) Editorial comments are no longer send to the activity stream (SOC-3389)
  • (Blog Migration) Mentions in Jive are now shown as user links after migration. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-2427)
  • (Blog Migration) Fixed the issue of broken images in blog posts after migration. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-2805)
  • (Blog Migration) Fixed the issue of broken user avatars in blog posts after migration. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-2846)
  • (Blog Migration) Fixed the issue of missing backslashes in blog posts after migration. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-3004)
  • (Blog Migration) Fixed the issue of broken links in blog posts after migration. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-3092)
  • (Blog Migration) Fixed the issue that revisions in migrated blogs show corrupted author data. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-3092)
  • (Blog Migration) Fixed the issue that code highlighting was not proper migrated for Python. Will be reflected after the next migration run (SOC-3152)
  • (People) Fix the issue that Blog content was only shown in case comments existed as well (UXP-42)


Release July 27th, 2016

New Features

  • (Asset Detail Pages) Set publishing start date as "created_timestamp" on asset detail pages (SAPONEDX-7958)
  • (Tag and "All Content" pages) SoH Finders: Improve sorting and displaying dates in finder results ( SAPONEDX-7959 )


  • (Community Topic pages) Blogs & Questions - Dynamic: Handle table markup in CONTENT (SAPONEDX-8196)
  • (Tag and "All Content" pages) Finder - Search on HANA: It takes several seconds to start the search after clicking "Reset" (SAPONEDX-8180)
  • (Integration) Notification service team complains there are too many API hits (SAPONEDX-8005)


Release July 21st, 2016

New Features

  • (Blogs) Notify author and or moderator about new editorial comment (SOC-3046)
  • (Blog Migration) Managed tags assigned to SCN Blogs will be exchanged to corresponding metadata existing in the new community experience while migrating blog posts. Will be reflected after the next blog migration run (SOC-3246)
  • (Blogs, Answers, Activity Stream, Archive) Navigation menu of now included in the unified header (SOC-2694)
  • (Gamification) Mission completion will be displayed in followers activity stream (SOC-2661)
  • (Answers) Deleted questions can now only be re-published by global moderators (SOC-3318)
  • (Answers) Moderators are now able to edit all questions, answers and comments (SOC-3340)
  • (Answers) Actions like commenting, voting and editing are no longer possible on trashed questions and all comments and answers belonging to the trashed question (SOC-3340)
  • (People) Enable content filtering on profile


  • (Answers) Moderation activities do not show up in the moderation service (SOC-3255)
  • (Answers) Questions with special character do not trigger an activity (SOC-3304)
  • (Activity Stream) Activity from Answers doesn’t show up in the Activity Stream in case the user name contains contains special characters (SOC-3256)
  • (Activity Stream) Accepting an answer appeared as retract action in the Activity Stream (SOC-3280)
  • (Moderation) A deleted question that is under moderation is not removed from the moderation queue (SOC-3364)
  • (Archive) Authentication without using a certificate does not work in the Archive (SOC-3128)
  • (Blogs) Several accessibility improvements for screen reader support for Blogs. E.g. better support for avatar menu and primary, secondary and user tags (SOC-2978)


Release July 7th, 2016

New Features

  • (Notifications) When sending a direct message via the people profile now the user receives a notification about that new message (SOC-2876)
  • (Activity Stream) Receiving a badge triggers now an activity that is displayed in the activity (SOC-2661)
  • (People) Show indicator of inactive users
  • (People) Add further items to Community Menu


  • (Blogs) Fixed the issue that clicking on follow button of a blog post or tag in blogs does not immediately change the status of the button to Un-follow  (SOC-2829)
  • (People) Fixed the issue with word wrapping in short bio


Release June 29th, 2016

New Features

  • (Topic Pages) Automatic population of the moderator list; single primary tag (SAPONEDX-6849)
  • (Topic Pages) Support for more than one primary tag (SAPONEDX-7384)
  • (Tag Pages) Support for filtering by a custom tag using a deep link (SAPONEDX-7529, SAPONEDX-7732)
  • (Tag and "All Content" pages) Support for sorting by relevance (SAPONEDX-7696)
  • (Tag and "All Content" pages) Highlight the matching text when filtering by text (SAPONEDX-7747)
  • ("All Content" pages) Have Hero component support the headline format "<tag-name>: Blogs and Questions" (SAPONEDX-7928)
  • ( "All Content" pages ) Have Hero component support page title in breadcrumbs ( SAPONEDX-7929 )
  • (Content) Enable community menu for all the country sites (SAPONEDX-7960)


  • (Universal Header) Wrong user information when opening Tag page using direct link (SAPONEDX-8031)


Release June 23rd, 2016

New Features

  • (Blogs) It is now possible to use not only products but as well specific product lines (e.g. SAP Hana) to tag blog posts (SOC-2828)
  • (Blogs/Answers) Industries are now supported as primary and additional tags for tagging blog posts (SOC-2827)
  • (Blogs/Answers) 3 new tag classes are now supported to tag blog posts – Database, Operation System and Software Product Function (SOC-2826)
  • (Blogs/Answers) Action drop-down has been replaced by links next to the breadcrumb section. Moderation link now points to moderation service (SOC-3063)
  • (Answers) Redesigned the tag roll page like adding total numbers of questions, making sure too long question titles get properly cut and make sure the ‘show all content’ button is visible even for anonymous users (AH-189)
  • (Answers Moderation) Publishing a pre-moderated question is now possible for moderators via the actions drop-down in the question itself (AH-202)
  • (Blogs) Header in the create new post ui has been adjusted to look similar like the header in other places (SOC-3006)
  • (Messages) Changed the message-send concept in 1DX, so that a user must only follow you, but you don't have to follow him/her in order to open a chat (#347)
  • (Messages) Refreshing of the web page was set to prevent loosing websocket connection, when user offline for some time (#319)
  • (Messages) Possibility of turning off browser notifications was added (#247)
  • (Messages) When user is searching for a chat in the chat list and the chat is not found, he receives appropriate message (#322)
  • (Messages) Images added by link are not stretched now in the chat view (#316)
  • (Messages) Error message when creating a chat with 10+ members is more friendly now (#271)
  • (Messages) When a large file/image is uploading to the chat, user sees loading bar (#325)
  • (People) Add Community links in the header (SCI-7063)
  • (People) Logout from the profile (SCI-7106)
  • (People) Integration with SAP Relay for direct messaging (SCI-5832)


  • (Answers) Log-out from Answers now works without throwing an error (AH-212)
  • (Answers) It is now possible to change the primary tag of existing questions (AH-216)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that only global moderators can handle moderation alerts
  • (Moderation) Fixed the issue that migrated posts that are alerted don’t appear in the moderation service (SOC-2726)
  • (Moderation) Fixed the issue that moderation alerts that contain quote characters get a slash sign added to each quote in the moderation service (SOC-2563)
  • (Moderation) Solved an issue that a moderator without any tag responsibility sees an error when opening the task queue in the moderation service (SOC-2409)
  • (Blogs) Removing or editing an embedded video is now supported in Internet Explorer (SOC-2210)
  • (Blogs) As soon as a post of a contributor is reviewed and published by a moderator the contributor can change and publish it without any additional moderator review (SOC-2045)
  • (Blogs) Tag picker now works as well on iOS/Safari in Private Mode browsing (SOC-2896)
  • (Activity Stream) Content excerpts now do not longer display a plain text link for embedded videos (SOC-2727)
  • (Messages) Fixed a bug that caused small images to be scaled up more than their native resolution (#318)
  • (Messages) Fixed a bug that caused the websocket session to be terminated under special conditions (#348)
  • (Messages) Fixed a bug that caused that user updates (e.g. if someone changes his/her profile photo) weren't updated in real time correctly (#357)
  • (Messages) Chat Description now is saved correctly when editing chat settings (#311)
  • (People) Follow/Unfollow does not update sidebar followers-count (SCI-9171)


Release June 9th, 2016

New Features

  • (Blogs Moderation) In case a primary tag is adjusted for a post that is currently under review by a moderator, then a potential new moderator (who is taking care to moderate posts that have the new primary tag assigned) will get a notification about the new request (SOC-2771)
  • (Blogs) Code Highlighting is now supported for blogs posts, incl. ABAP! (SOC-2872)
  • (Blog Migration) During migration blog posts get assigned a primary tag that matches best to the corresponding post content. Posts that can not get categorized properly to match a primary tag during migration now get the tag ‘Retagging required’ assigned - Will be active after the next blog post migration run from SCN (SOC-3014)
  • (Messages) If image/file exceeds 10 mb and cannot be uploaded, a message appears (#301)
  • (Messages) Restriction for posting BMP file as an image was added (#302)
  • (Messages) Search for a user is performed after typing at least one letter (#287)
  • (Messages) Hamburger menu was removed (#298)


  • (Blogs) Fixed issues with inserting / editing videos. In specific cases the OK button has to be clicked 4 times or the new insert video window doesn't disappear after clicking ok (SOC-2195)
  • (Blogs) Action drop down menu is no longer cut on the right side of the screen (SOC-2562)
  • (Blogs) A click on the SAP logo in the header now opens again the homepage (SOC-3016)
  • (Blogs Moderation) Fixed an issue where in special cases the moderator who published a post that was under review is displayed as post creator in the activity stream (SOC-1986)
  • (Blogs) Fixed an issue where sometimes the Like button is corrupted and misplaced (SOC-2259)
  • (Blogs) Like button now works on mobile displays (SOC-2537)
  • (Blogs) Social Sharing buttons are no longer corrupted on mobile devices (SOC-2546)
  • (Answers) Searching in Answers no longer throws an error (AH-204)
  • (People) Fixed an issue where Elsewhere URL validation did not accept URL containing accents (SCI-9186)
  • (People) Fixed an issue where Follow / Unfollow sometimes didn't work correctly (SCI-9159)
  • (People) Now showing more than 10 blog posts (SCI-9118)
  • (People) Follow button does not trigger login in case of anonymous session (SCI-9117)
  • (People) Issue when changing languages on iPhone  (SCI-8748)
  • (Messages) Cannot post the image after cancellation of previous posting (#290)
  • (Messages) Extra space at the bottom of the page (device mode on Chrome) (#263)
  • (Messages) 'Beta' mark on 1DX header overlaps hamburger menu (#262)
  • (Messages) File icons are not centered (#253)
  • (Messages) 'Typing' feature not available (#254)
  • (Messages) Large space around small images (#289)
  • (Messages) Large numbers in message counter are not displayed correctly (#296)
  • (Messages) Message counter is not counting real number of unread messages (#297)
  • (Messages) Not all items on universal header are working (#295)
  • (Messages) 'Chat Settings' dialogue is partially hidden under header (#252)
  • (Messages) Horizontal scrolling is not stick to the bottom, when changing size of the IE browser (#264)
  • (Messages) After each logging in, all the chats in the list are shown as having unread messages (#242)
  • (Messages) Chat settings are shown as changed even if changes were not saved (#294)
  • (Messages) Layout issue on mobile device (#304)
  • (Messages) Turning off notifications in group/direct chat profile is not saved (#312)
  • (Messages) Browser notifications are not working (#314)


Release May 30th, 2016

New Features  

  • NEW  (Blogs) Added a button to show all content (questions and posts) tagged with a specific tag to the blogs tag roll page (SOC-2880)
  • NEW (Answers) Moderators can now handle moderation alerts on the question page directly (AH-148)
  • NEW  (Blogs Moderation) Moderators can now change the assigned primary tag of a post under review without changing the actual ‘in review’ state of that post. After changing the primary tag the potential new responsible moderators will get the post into their moderation queue assigned (SOC-2768)
  • NEW  (Messages) 1DX username is showing now for every user while searching (#241)
  • NEW  (Messages) Ability to join the direct chat by link was added (#186)
  • NEW  (Messages) Universal profile is open when clicking on user picture in the chat (#220)
  • NEW  (Messages) Design of the web application was adjusted to match 1DX design (#167)
  • NEW  (Messages) Number of chat members was limited to 10  (#169)
  • NEW  (Messages) Error message was added if a user tries to send a message when not following (#166)
  • NEW  (Messages) 1DX username was set as mention identifier (#170)
  • NEW  (Messages) Email became hidden in the application (#234)

Bug Fixes

  • FIX  (Archive) Fixed an issue where expected documents where missing in the Archive (SOC-2921)
  • FIX (Moderation) Notifications about new moderation requests received by moderators do now contain the correct link to their moderation queue (SOC-2912)
  • FIX (Archive) Fixed an issue where Archive search returned no results (SOC-2949)
  • FIX (Activities) Extended the session timeout for Activities from 30 min to 2 hours (SOC-2650)
  • FIX (Blogs) Fir for login issues with IE9 (SOC-2873)
  • FIX (Header) Several fine tuning fixes on the universal header like wording, spacing, new beta icon… (SOC-2927, 2930, SOC-2980, SOC-2981, SOC-2859, SOC-2865, SOC-2931)
  • FIX (Header) Profile menu now closes properly after clicking a second time on the avatar picture (SOC-2946)
  • FIX (Answers) Fixed an issue where redirect of a question didn't work (AH-207)
  • FIX (Messages) Group chat settings corrupted after an attempt to create a public chat (#236)
  • FIX (Messages) Message creation box is hidden (#237)
  • FIX (Messages) Corrupted mention (#238)
  • FIX (Messages) Incorrect work of search (#228)
  • FIX (Messages) Multiple UI issues on Safari/Chrome (iPad) (#256)


Release May 16th, 2016

  • FIX Log out from SAP Blogs does not throw an error anymore (SOC-2113)
  • FIX Archive user links are now pointing to the user's People profile (SOC-2673)
  • FIX Archive search is now working (SOC-2825)
  • FIX Solved an issue where avatars were not displayed in Notifications (SOC-2632)
  • FIX Responsible moderators receives now notifications for new moderation alerts (SOC-2839)
  • FIX (Header) Included the new header into Answers  (AH-207)
  • NEW (People) Followers have been migrated from SCN to SAP People (SOC-2807)
  • NEW  Universal header redesign - streamlined look and feel on all SAP Community applications (SOC-2692, SOC-2693, SOC-2412)
  • NEW  Blog post migration content quality improvements (SOC-2794)
  • NEW  Gamification scenarios (based on SAP HCP Gamification Service) are now supported (SOC-2642, SOC-2797)
  • NEW  Direct messaging is now supported (SOC-2808)


Release April 21st, 2016

  • FIX Changes on followed content items (i.e. questions and blog posts) are visible in user's Activity Stream (SOC-2662)
  • FIX Emotion icons are now properly migrated for blog posts (SOC-2705)
  • FIX Improved image migration for blog posts (SOC-2778, SOC-2676)
  • NEW  Vimeo, YouTube and dailymotion are supported in blog posts (SOC-2429)
  • NEW  SAP Answer Coffee Corner activities are visible in Activity Stream (SOC-2536)
  • NEW  Notification tab is now accessible via separate URL (SOC-2674)


Release April 11th, 2016

  • FIX SOC-2112 Hide reply option for anonymous user
  • FIX SOC-2325 WP Remove categories from quick edit
  • NEW  SOC-2425 WP use new Social Sharing Service
  • FIX SOC-2426 WP Show all migrated comments
  • FIX SOC-2516 WP Not all users can add images in comments
  • NEW  SOC-2538 Follow/Unfollow tags in WP
  • NEW  SOC-2576 Add user tag widget for contributors
  • NEW  SOC-2585 Update Agree/Disagree Moderator Alert buttons
  • NEW  SOC-2581 Improve authentication for HCP systems
  • NEW  SOC-2611 Add notification for badges


Release March 29th, 2016

  • FIX  SOC-1575  Preview doesn't work until all the mandatory fields are filled in
  • FIX SOC-1832 Missing space between the Cancel and Update Comment buttons
  • FIX SOC-2390 The wrong amount number for the Approved Comments in the Admin console
  • FIX SOC-2112  Hide Reply option for anonymous users
  • FIX SOC-1940 Actions Menu Issues on iPhone
  • FIX SOC-2386 The amount of comments is wrong in the admin console
  • FIX SOC-2578 [More] button is absent for Notifications in AS
  • FIX SOC-2589  Mobile menu not displayed
  • FIX SOC-2531  Mobile version of Community menu is blank
  • FIX SOC-1825  Alert Moderator buttons on iPhone


Release March 15th, 2016

  • NEW SOC-1672 WP Hide post after 2 moderation alerts
  • NEW SOC-1836 WP User can alert moderators only once per post
  • NEW SOC-2474 WP Alert moderators for comments (QA only)
  • NEW SOC-61 WP Prevent deletion of posts with comments
  • FIX SOC-2131 Fix Google Plus counts
  • FIX SOC-2393 Fix incorrect migrated user names
  • NEW SOC-2438 WP Upgrade WP to version 4.4.2 and plugins to latest versions
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