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The SAP Community implementation team in SAP IT provides regular updates to the SAP Community platform. Here we provide regular release notes to inform our community members about new features and bug fixes.

SAP Community Release Notes Page


December 19th, 2018

New Features

  • (Activities) New experience for Activity Stream, e.g. activities contain up to 5 managed tags which lead to the respective tag pages on Answers or blogs. Additionally reduced set of activities will show up in users Activity Stream to focus on important content updates. In detail only new content will be shown in case a user is following a primary tag. If user is following a particular question or post more activities will be shown. If following a person activities will be shown where the person initiated an action, e.g. like of a blog post. In general update activities, e.g. update of question or profile information has been removed. ( SOC-7822, SOC-8044, SOC-8117, ....)
  • (Answers) Now new community members that are still under pre-moderation can as well create comments in our Q&A platform. (SOC-8059, SOC-8149, SOC-8151)
  • (Blogs) Introducing blog categories. Now every blog post will be categorized to make it easier to find and filter blog post content (SOC-7937, SOC-8047, SOC-8067, SOC-8066, SOC-8186, SOC-8180)
  • (Blogs) New experience for blog detail page ( SOC-7992, SOC-7987, SOC-7984)
  • (Blogs) Added to blog detail page the average reading time for a post (SOC-7986)

December 5th, 2018

New Features

  • (Answers, Blogs) Reduced the possible reasons for moderator alerts to 5 (SOC-8030SOC-8031)
  • (Blogs) RSS feeds added to tag pages (SOC-8035)
  • (Blogs) Updated wording for titles on blog list views (SOC-8040)
  • (Coffee Corner) RSS feeds added to landing page of coffee corner (SOC-8037)

November 21st, 2018

New Features

  • (Answers) RSS feeds added to tag pages (SOC-8036)
  • (Answers) Updated styles for side widgets, e.g. popular tags 
  • (Blogs) Syntax highlighting in blogs supports now also Perl and Swift (SOC-7706)


  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that the description for the user tag field was missing in the ask a new question screen (SOC-7981)
  • (Blogs) When adding a link to the content section of a user profile that link was resolved with former member.  (SOC-8001)
  • (Blogs) It was not possible to add the user tag C## to a blog post. The tag was automatically exchanged with C++. Now this is possible (SOC-7710)

November 8th, 2018

New Features

  • (Answers) Number of initially displayed items in "Followed Tags" widget has been set to 10  (SOC-7939)
  • (Answers) Added "Ask a question" button to user tag pages (SOC-7919)
  • (Answers) Adjusted error messages and pop up messages for "Ask a question page"  (SOC-7815)
  • (Answers) Added number of contributors for tag pages to the statistics section (SOC-7908)

  • (Blogs) New user experience for lists of blogs, e.g. a blog tag page. Including options to easily identify number of comments and likes per blog post as well options to sort by most liked and created blog posts. Also widgets in right hand column are updated with new design. Followed tags widget shows initially 10 followed items, if more exist, user can simply "View all ...." with a single click  (SOC-7010SOC-7933SOC-7766SOC-7767...)
  • (Coffee Corner) Editorial guidelines are available on the coffee corner landing page and when starting a new discussion  (SOC-7861)
  • (People) New icon for Role - Tech Ambassador


  • (Answers) After deleting a hierarchy of comments the buttons reply and comments does not work any more. Only after a refresh these buttons become responsive again. This issue is now fixed (SOC-7896)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that the follow button was active but not working for anonymous users. Now the button is responsive (SOC-7926
  • (Answers) Reset button is working correctly on "All tags" page  (SOC-7774
  • (Answers) Role icons are not any longer changed when opening all comments for a question or answer (SOC-7909
  • (Blogs) Former Member link is not anymore clickable in IE11 / Edge  browsers (SOC-7996
  • (Coffee Corner) When starting a new discussion the system is suggesting already existing similar discussions  that might cover the topic. These suggestions did not work in the past and lead to 'Page not found'. Now they do (SOC-7889
  • (Coffee Corner) When starting a new discussion but do not publish it and finally cancel the action did not bring user back where user came from but redirected to the all question page. Now user is send back where user came from. (SOC-7863
  • (Coffee Corner) Usually the author information of a community member who left the company is replaced by the text 'former member'. For discussions in the coffee corner the author information was missing at all and not text 'former member' was displayed. This is now fixed. (SOC-7958)
  • (General) Now the link to change the profile privacy in the consent page points directly to the section where the visibility can be changed (SOC-7852

October 29th, 2018

New Features

  • (Activity Stream) Tags in activities now point to the corresponding tag pages in Answers or Blogs (SOC-7816)
  • (Notifications) Tags in notifications now point to the corresponding tag pages in Answers or Blogs (SOC-7820)


  • (Answers) Fixed a misaligned pagination icon  (SOC-7529)
  • (Answers) Former member no more appears with a clickable but not working link  (SOC-7709
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that clicking on the 'x' sign does not remove the search term form the input field in the search result page (SOC-7752
  • (Coffee Corner) Adjusted the sorting options in coffee corner from votes to likes (SOC-6724

October 11th, 2018

New Features

  • (Answers) Your followed tags' widget in Answers is no longer restricted to max 20 entries  (SOC-7700)
  • (Answers) You receive a proper notification in case a moderator leaves a moderation comment to your content (SOC-7771)


  • (Answers) Fixed pagination issue when it is sometimes cropped  (SOC-7529)
  • (Answers) Former member no more appears with a clickable but not working link  (SOC-7709
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that search term is not removed even the  'x' sign has been clicked on search result page (SOC-7752
  • (Answers) When locking comments in answers it is not possible anymore to add additional comments to answers  (SOC-7758)
  • (Coffee Corner) Adjusted the sorting options in coffee corner from votes to likes (SOC-6724

September 27th, 2018

New Features

(Answers, Coffee Corner, Blogs, Messages, Archive SOC-6570) Redesigned breadcrumb and actions section which makes it now easy to create new blog posts or ask a question no matter where you are

(Answers SOC-6835) Complete overhaul of the question and answers platform which includes

  • Redesigned UI across all pages
  • Main page for all question and the individual tag pages offer now valuable information at a first glance: Number of answers per questions and if the question has an accepted answer
  • When checking individual questions the accepted answer is highlighted in green and is moved to the top below the question
  • Initially max 3 comments for a question and one comment for each answer is displayed to keep the focus on the question/answers. Surely it is possible to show all comments
  • Moderator comments will be publicly visible from now on
  • Comments are now shown in a flat list instead of a hierarchy. No replies are possible to comments anymore
  • Pagination instead of 'show more' button
  • The additional "Related Tags" widget on the tag pages helps users to open associated tag pages
  • A new widget "Popular Tags" informs you about trending tags
  • New page that lists all available tags in the Q&A platform

(Coffee Corner SOC-6716) A redesign of the coffee corner overview page and start a new discussion page to match the UI of questions and answers


  • (SOC-7673) New widget on the blogs main page about trending tags also named "Popular Tags"
  • (SOC-7545) New page that lists all available tags that can be assigned to a blog post


  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that is was possible to answer a closed question by converting an existing comment into an answer  (SOC-5593)
  • (Answers) Now links with ')', '(', '+', ' ' ' symbols are supported (SOC-6906)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that is it not possible to edit your own comment in the coffee corner (SOC-7570)

September 26th, 2018

New Features

For complete overview of the new Profile read here

  • Complete visual design revamp
  • Previous functionality made more usable
  • Visibility settings: what data is publicly visible and what is private
  • Dashboard: widgets with most useful information and action items in one place
  • Account & Settings: More data, upgraded bio, Work History, Education History, new icons. Each section / field can be made private or publicly visible
  • Content: All content you ever written, engaged with, including comments and drafts and content under moderation in one place
  • Following: list of tags and content items that you follow
  • Connections: manage your following/followers, ability to follow / unfollow and contact them, directly from the list.
  • Reputation: earned badges, badge showcase, available and earned missions, blogger role and karma credits, legacy SCN points and badges
  • Public Profile – your publicly visible information you share with other users.

Release August 29th, 2018 


  • (Answers) In case you leave your browser open on Questions & Answers for a long time and the session expires  and you re-login on that expired session you are forwarded to . This is now fixed and you stay on the same page after re-login to an expired session  (SOC-6786)

  • (Notifications) Fixed an issue where notifications are not received for new messages (SOC-7253)

  • (Archive) Fixed an issue that links to blog posts of former members in the Blogs platform does no longer work (SOC-7493 )

Release August 15th, 2018 


  • (Answers) Actions menu has been removed for users on deleted questions and deleted discussions  (SOC-5905)

  • (Blogs) Fixed issue when editing comments with a link returned an error message (SOC-5665)

Release August 1st, 2018 


  • (Answers, Blogs) Fixed an issue when asking/editing a question / post that tags are suggested which could not be selected (SOC-6818)

  • (Blogs) Fixed issue that liking of posts with videos works incorrectly (SOC-7310

Release April 25th, 2018 

 New Features

  • (Answers & Blogs)  Now we support RSS feeds. We added feed support for latest questions and blog posts of a specific tag as well as latest answers including comments of a specific question and comments of a blog post. (SOC-6686)
  • (Answers &  Blogs) We adjust the list of select-able tags for blog posts and questions for languages other than English (SOC-6640) 
  • (People) Now we support RSS feeds on Profile where you can subscribe to the user's content as an RSS feed from their profiles. (UXP-1645)

Release March 28th, 2018 

 New Features

  • (Gamification) Community goes Gamification. Now you can earn badges that gives insights about your experience level. Get more information here (SOC-6593)

  • (People) Ability to hide / show your public profile. You can give / revoke consent to displaying your public profile via Account Settings→Privacy Settings. (UXP-1563)
    Please note: Privacy Settings will go into effect only on May 25th.

Release March 22nd, 2018 


( Community Homepage Feeds on a specific Topic(e.g. "Mentor Blogs"): secondary tags in addition to primary are included into filtering blogs/questions


Release March 21st, 2018 


  • (Activity Stream) Changed wording in activity stream when a question got replaced (SOC-6270)

  • (Notification) Notifications are now available for content which has to be retagged (SOC-5740)


Release March 14th, 2018 


  • (Moderation) Fixed one issue that pre-moderated items get stuck in moderation queue  (SOC-6537, SOC-5514)
  • (Q&A) Showing correct author in case a comment get converted to an answer (SOC-3254)

Release February 28th, 2018 

 New Features

  •  (Search) Header search is now using the new search experience (SOC-6406)


  •  (Q&A)  Adjusted information pop-up that is displayed when you try to alert a moderator about content for which you already sent an alert. Now the text is more intuitive and hold only one button. In the past the second button cancelled  your initial alert without even informing you about that action. (SOC-6407)
  • (Q&A)  Fix the issue that the number of comments was sometimes not correctly displayed  (SOC-4770)

Release February 14th, 2018 


  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that 'SAP SQL Anywhere' was not available as primary tag for Japanese (SOC-6287)
  • (Answers) Fixed UI bug that actions menu for questions sometimes disappeared (SOC-6044)
  • (Answers) Tag picker is working correctly when changing primary tag in questions (SOC-6244)
  • (Blogs) Moderator report is not anymore exceeding page width (SOC-6208)
  • (Notifications) Fixed the issue that title of accepted answer was missing in notifications (SOC-6271)
  • (Notifications)  Icons where not available in email notificiations  (SOC-6370)

Release February 13th, 2018 


  •  (Coffee Corner) Karma credits have been recalculated based on new Coffee Corner settings

Release January 31st, 2018 


  •  (Coffee Corner) Karma credits can not be received anymore for activities in coffee corner

Release January 17th, 2018 

New Features

  •  (Answers, Blogs) New language specific tag for Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese  are available (SOC-6147)


  • (Activity Stream) Improved messaging in case user could not authenticate successfully to Activity stream (SOC-6087)
  • (Activity Stream) Fixed the issue that Activities Stream and Notification Inbox appeared blank in special cases (SOC-5853)
  • (Answers) Fixed the issue that moderators where able to moderate content even though they have lost their moderation permissions (SOC-6216)
  • (Answers) Search results do not contain Coffee Corner discussions anymore when redirection questions (SOC-6004)
  • (Answers) Fixed that the secondary tag 'API ' was removed after saving a question (SOC-6221)
  • (Answers) Adjusted the end user message in activity stream in case a message has been unaccepted (SOC-5485)
  • (Blogs) Moderation alert is now also recovered when an alerted and trashed blog post is undeleted (SOC-3463)
  • (Notifications) Fixed wrong timestamps for notifications from Messages (SOC-5305)

Release January 9th, 2018


  • (People) Fixed missing Legacy Reputation not being shown when user has only point and no badges (UXP-1519)



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