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Welcome to the public roadmap for SAP Community. 

With providing you this information, our goal is to be transparent on our current understanding of what will provide the biggest value to all our SAP Community members. Its goal is to provide you insight into the areas where we focus our efforts, and a more detailed view into our planned work for the next months.


We focus our efforts into themes where we think we can provide the most value to our SAP Community members. 

Content DiscoveryMake it easier for community members to find relevant content
NavigationProvide quick access to SAP Community areas
Content StructureFocus on the structure of the content and make it easier to use tags
ReputationEncourage engagement by recognition through reputation
ProfileGeneral enhancement to People profile
SearchProvide better and easier to use site and on page search
Social EngagementMake it easier engage with community members and content

Business Value Roadmap

BVR shows our current plan, about the epics we are going to work on in the next three months, mapped to our focus areas. This doesn't necessarily mean that the epic will be released in that month, but might get pushed into the next.

Find out more about the epic details on the Roadmap Epics page.

Archive ClassificationArchive Classification 
 Allow Acronyms & Synonyms for TaggingAllow Acronyms & Synonyms for Tagging
Community Homepage 2.0Community Homepage 2.0 
At mention notificationAt mention notificationActivate email notifications by default
Autologin on SAP.comKarma Credits 
 Manage subscriptions and content in a single placeManage subscriptions and content in a single place
Sort/filter followers/followingsAccess all your contentSort/filter your content


The backlog provides a ordered view into epics that map to our focus areas, and which we plan to work on in the near future.

UX Redesign & Tag to Topic Migration
Notifications on new, relevant content


We provide a list of all delivered epics below. More detailed information about our regular releases can be found in the SAP Community Release Notes.

Sort/filter followers/followingsJuly 20th, 2017
Autologin on SAP.comJuly 13th, 2017
Search in Browse Community PageJune 20th, 2017
One Search for SAP CommunityJune 20th, 2017
Actions MenuJune 20th, 2017
Moderator ProfileJune 6th, 2017
Selective TaggingMay 15th, 2017
Header NavigationMay 15th, 2017
Community Homepage 1.5April 18th, 2017
Actions MenuApril 18th, 2017
Browse CommunityApril 13th, 2017



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