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Epics describe the value of the functional package that gets delivered. 

Allow Acronyms & Synonyms for TaggingNew tagpicker to make it easier to pick SAP products using familiar acronyms and alternative names
Activate email notifications by defaultActivate email notifications for moderation requests + @mention
Sort/filter followers/followingsMake is easier to browse your followers and followings
Sort/filter your contentMake is easier to browse and filter your own content
Access all your contentEasy, direct access to all your content
Manage subscriptions and contentManage subscriptions to people, content and tags in a single place
Community Homepage 2.0Show relevant and highly engaged across various topics on the SAP Community homepage
Archive ClassificationMake archived content available to be shown with blogs, questions and answers
Enhance Content InformationProvide more information to the user about content items to reflect its value and support the decision of consumption
Mentor ProfileCloser integration with high-profile Community members and give more information to users who could support them in various areas
Support Private ProfileProvide advanced features for the logged in user to manage their profiles, social graph and settings better.
@ Mentions NotificationMention a community member in any content and send a notification
Karma CreditsDon't accrue Karma in Coffee Corner discussions


List with epic details that have been already delivered. 

Community Homepage 1.5Show more relevant, recent and social content on the SAP Community homepage
Browse CommunityProvide better access to all SAP Community topic and tag pages
Search in Browse Community PageAllow to search for a topic or tag in the Browse Community page.
Header NavigationProvide quick access to the most common areas of SAP Community from the header navigation
Actions MenuProvide quick access to create new content and access your own one from all SAP Community pages
ModeratorCloser integration with high-profile Community members and give more information to users who could support them in various areas
Universal FooterProvide quick navigation options to various tools and helpful information about the site
Enhance Follower ListEnhance the feeling of a connection based social community and make it easier for users to browse and become members of social graphs
One Search for SAP CommunityHave a single header search for SAP Community
Selective TaggingSelf service for business owners to manage SAP Community tags
Autologin on SAP.comAutomatically login to SAP Community pages on
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