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We recorded 42 interviews this year at SAP TechEd Bangalore over four days (November 27-30). These are in addition to the almost 80 interviews recorded in Las Vegas and Madrid.


Since 2008, SAP TechEd Live has been broadcasting and recording "talk show" format interviews where SAP Mentors, bloggers, executives, customers, speakers and partners talk about the latest trends, innovations, product news and what's going on at SAP TechEd.


Below are this years Bangalore interviews categorized below by topic. Visit SAP TechEd Online to see a listing of all interviews and additional SAP TechEd videos such as the keynotes, Demo Jam, highlights, lectures and more!


 [m] indicates SAP Mentor 

Executive Interviews

Real-time Data Platform, Big Data, Analytics




Ecosystems & Channels

Software Adoption and Innovation, IT, and Services

SAP Education

Communities, Social, and SAP Stories

SAP TechEd Program

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