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New Support Wiki is here

The Wiki had a platform upgrade and gets a new look and feel while keeping some of his old charm.

This space purpose is to share with you what is new and has changed. what has stayed the same and where the homepage has gone.

The space is split into two main sections:

News - here you will find what is the latest changes and can follow up on the future announcements that will come from IT and the community team (The Wiki Community Team)

Documentation - in this section we detailed the changes, advantages and what to expect with the new version

We hope you will find in this new space the information channel you need and watch it for future updates.

The Wiki Community Team

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  1. Hello, I was wondering do we still use a Tiny link to share the WIKI with customers still?
    I cannot seem to locate one any more?
    thank you

    1. Hi Bob . 
      Please check the following guide: Finding the Tiny URL

  2. The new system has very undesirable behavior when logging in - it redirects me from the page I'm on to
    My typical workflow is to use a browser bookmark to open my section of the wiki (I'm the space editor for SAP ASE Home).  I want to edit it, so I have to log in.
    I don't want to be redirected to a different page at this point, I want to dig in and start editing the page I was on!

  3. The new system seems to be mysteriously hiding content. 
    For example, go to SAP ASE Home
    Note that there are 7 links under the "ASE Product Basics" section.
    However, if you click on "ASE Product Basics", only three of those links are displayed on the resulting page.

    My colleagues are reporting similar shenanigans on their product spaces.

    1. I am seeing the same thing. The older system had a listing of all the child pages at the bottom so you know if someone added new content. Not everyone has permission to add content to the main page but they could create content under a page and it was listed as a child page. This gave the owner of the space the chance to see if new content was added under that page.

  4. Hi all,

    Are there issues with the wiki? I am creating a page and adding links. I highlight the text and click the hyperlink. When I get the to box the text highlighted is not getting mapped into the box and the url copies itself to the bottom box and then you have some obsecure place in your document where the link might be.

    1. Hi Kim,

      Just sent you email


      1. Hi,

        I tried to recreate today and it seems to be working fine with the links. I am thinking there was some background process causing the issue on my machine or the wiki system might have been doing some updating causing a glitch.


  5. Hi All,

    Thank you for bringing this tour attention,

    The reason was content management and legacy, we have spaces where one page has a long list of child pages which burden the user and bits the purpose of user friendly information.

    We plan an audit next year which will help with this and the ability to see the tree of the space.

    I will post a short blog soon linking to the guide explaining the reason if someone asks.

    Aryhe prepared a guide how to restore the child pages on a page you want it on: Children Display


    1. Hi,

      Just on the main page it had this feature to list or not. I think that was lost in the new version. So I have been adding the child pages back by doing the following:

      Click the + symbol at the top (Insert more content)



      On the list scroll down to the bottom click select Other macros


      You should see a box listed as Children Display


      In this box you can choose if you want the other pages etc and how many you want displayed.


  6. When we encounter such a business scenario in the project, we need to consult whether there is a solution.

    Business scenario: the MRP area M1001 is enabled in the factory 1000 of a company according to different inventory locations, such as 1001 (different area), and there is outsourcing purchase business in the MRP area.

    Existing problems: the materials and components in the outsourcing purchase order maintain the inventory location 1001. After saving, the demand of components is not in the MRP area m1001, but in the factory 1000 (the MRP area M1001 is enabled for the materials and components in the purchase order). Thus, the underground inventory of 1001 cannot meet the demand of this component when MRP is running. All MRP areas are used for subcontracting All materials for outsourcing can only be placed under the factory 1000 to participate in the MRP operation under the factory 1000, which cannot meet the needs of customers for outsourcing business management according to the MRP area.

    Demand: the demand of outsourcing purchase order components can be kept in the MRP area corresponding to the inventory location, so as to balance the demand and inventory of outsourcing purchase order components in the same MRP area, rather than by enabling the MRP area of outsourcing suppliers.

    I hope to receive your reply as soon as possible.

    1. HI,
      This space is for Wiki questions.
      Please go here:
      read the instructions and find the right topic and ask the question so an expert can help you.

  7. Hi David,

    I have a colleague who I want to give edit permission to for 

    SAP HANA and In-Memory Computing

    but I dont seem to have admin access. when I follow the steps from 

    Space Permissions Overview

    it leads me to the page listing you as Space Adminstrator, could you add me so that I can add new colleagues to the team in case they are missing edit rights?

  8. Hi Paul,

     I will email you.



  9. Hello,

    how do I aquire edit permissions for this wiki?

    Br, Arun Ramkissoon

    1. Hello Arun,
      If you cannot see the Edit option when you logon in the wiki then the wiki page is not available for edition to non-SAP users.
      If you want to tell me the changes that you would like to do I will review them and add them.
      Best regards,

      1. Hello Dolores,

        for starters I wanted to update the link to the SAP Solution Manager Security guide on the following page:

        IT Service Management Roles and Authorizations

        But it seems this page is deprecated and mostly contains information for the old Solution Manager version 7.1.

        So nevermind.

        Br, Arun

  10. Hi,

    I'm trying to upload a Word document to our Wiki space but am being restricted by a 5MB limit.  I have a lot of's a How-To guide.

    Can you make an exception to this? (wink)



    1. Why not make available this directly on page instead of attachment? This make easier for consume.

  11. Possible to shrink document size by changing screenshot size/resolution?  Possible to use SAP Enable Now to create document?

    Some thoughts, hope it helps.

    Best wishes on this.