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New Community Wiki is here

The Wiki had a platform upgrade and gets a new look and feel while keeping some of his old charm.

This space purpose is to share with you what is new and has changed. what has stayed the same and where the homepage has gone.

The space is split into two main sections:

News - here you will find what is the latest changes and can follow up on the future announcements that will come from IT and the community team (The Wiki Community Team)

Documentation - in this section we detailed the changes, advantages and what to expect with the new version

We hope you will find in this new space the information channel you need and watch it for future updates.

The Wiki Community Team

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  1. Hello, I was wondering do we still use a Tiny link to share the WIKI with customers still?
    I cannot seem to locate one any more?
    thank you

    1. Hi Bob . 
      Please check the following guide: Finding the Tiny URL