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 Tcode: SALE
Step 1:  Create Logical System
Next screen will be
Create logical systems YLS800, YLS810
Save it and back          
Step 2 : Assign Client to Logical System
Dbl Click on 800 Client and give the logical system as YLS800
Dbl Click on 810 Client and give the logical system as YLS810
Step 3 : Create RFC destination
Give the RFC destination Connection type, Description and Target Host
Click on Logon/Security
Give the Language Client, User , Password
Click on Test Connection and Remote Logon
Step 4 : Create Port WE21
Select own port name and give the own port name and click on continue
Give the Description and RFC Destination created by you ie YLS810RFC
Step 5 : Create Partner Profiles WE20
Give the Partner no Parrtner type Type Agent Lang and save it
Click on Outbound Parameters
Give the Message type , Reciever Port Basic type and save it
Step 6 :  Create  Distribution Model
Click on Create Message type give the shorttext and Technical name and continue
Step 7 :  Generate Partner Profiles

            Enivornment -> Generate Partner Profiles
Give the logical system name
Step 7 :
save it , So material 858 Created
Step 8 : Send material BD10
Step 9 : Check the Idoc WE02
Click on F8
Step 10 :  Execute the program RBDMOIND-  Status Conversion with Successful tRFC Execution
You can check the status record status 12 appears.
Step 11. Login 810 ABAP EDITOR SE38

Execute the program RBDAPP01 - Inbound Processing of IDocs Ready for Transfer
S\tep 12 : Idoc List WE02
Check the entrty in MARA TABLE