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The wiki describes an undocumented feature to access PI objects with SimpleQuery.

Author(s):  Sunil Chandra

Company:     Computer Sciences Corporation
Created on:    Dec. 19, 2011
Author(s) Bio

Sunil Chandra   is an SAP certified PI Consultant working for Computer Sciences Corporation.


There are many questions on SDN about how to access PI objects or way to list out some particular object based on condition.

Although directory api helps in case of ID objects, there is no standard way to access ESR/IR objects.

But we have a hidden/undocumented feature SimpleQuery that works in both the cases!

Yes with SimpleQuery, You can access any ESR/ID object in xml form.

Lets see some of the common steps..

1. Use http://host:port/rep/support/SimpleQuery for ESR/IR objects

and http://host:port/dir/support/SimpleQuery for ID objects

2. Select Object type and click Refresh depended values.

3. Specify Query Condition if needed and click Add new condition for more conditions.

4. Select Result Attributes and click Start query

5. The list of the objects would be generated with link to object in xml format.

At end, please note that it is an undocumented feature and SAP doesn't support using this externally :)

Useful Information

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