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This post is some thing special of all my other post, because this time I am posting about an issue that made me to frustrate more than 4 months.

Yes. It is all about the issues that I faced in the DR system. For those who are unaware of what DR Test is? I am illuminating few lines on it.
DR is abbreviated as Disaster Recovery System. During the DR test DR system, which is a back up of the live production system will act as the production system. This activity is done to ensure that the business will flow smoothly even if the live system goes down, DR system can be trusted to run the business without any bang.

During the previous DR all the scenario that was collecting IDOCs in BPM for a time frame failed to get executed successfully. The IDOCs that where triggered never came out of the IP. This was because the deadline monitoring never got executed successfully failing to throw a timeout exception. This resulted the IP to be in status Message being sent for hours, even though the scenario design is to wait only for 5 min. Our DR ended up with failure resulting to have a second DR.

Although I raised this thread  Issue with the Collect IDoc I never got a pointer to get this issue resolved.  We had the second DR with the same issue but this time I survived to get this resolved. As a result I am blogging the solution as this would cater similar kind of issue in upcoming.

In the transaction SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING(Workflow Customizing) or SXMB_ADM_BPE --> Automatic BPM Customizing all the entries should be without any errors. This is a Prerequisites for Executing Integration Processes. However in our instance few of the entries in Maintain Runtime Environment were in error. The following is the Deadline job that must be scheduled.

Job SWWDHEX of Schedule Background Job for Missed Deadlines checks whether new deadlines have been missed since the last time it ran (SAP Function Definition).

The report RSWWDHEX does the Job of triggering deadline monitoring. This trigger will ensure the entire deadline instances that are triggered to get executed as expected. The Schedule Background Job for Deadline Monitoring option defines how frequently this report needs to be executed to ensure smooth execution of deadline step in workflow. SAP suggested default time interval for this job is 3 minutes [however increasing the time interval may have an impact on the deadline steps of the IP with lower time interval than the scheduled time].

Upon doing a Perform Automatic Workflow Customizing (F9) in SWF_XI_CUSTOMIZING all the entries of Maintain Runtime Environment that were in error was successfully configured and the schedule jobs started to run. This resolved our issue and the deadline branch in IP got executed successfully completing the execution of the scenario. This ended the DR test successfully with a learning to me and a Wiki to SDN.