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PROBLEMCommunication between the XI 3.0 Integration Server and the decentralized Adapter Engine fails after you change the default HTTP port of the Adapter Engine. The sending of XML messages from the Integration Server of the Adapter Engine fails.

 CAUSEYou are working with a decentralized SAP XI 3.0 Adapter Engine, instance  number nn, and have changed the default value of the HTTP Port from 5nn00 to another value.This value disappears during the self-registration of the Adapter Engine (AE) in the SLD (System Landscape Directory). As the Integration Server (IS) reads the HTTP Port from the SLD, communication between the IS and the AE fails.In the Monitor for processed XML messages (SXMB_MONI), this is expressed by error messages of the following type in the header error:


<SAP2>ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED</SAP2> <SAP:Stack>Error when receiving by HTTP (error code: 400, error text: CM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED)</SAP:Stack> service: xxxxx failed NIECONN_REFUSED)

SOLUTIONUse the Visual Admin Tool, log on as an administrator to the J2EE Engine and navigate to the Service "SAP XI AF CPA Cache". If you are working with SP03 or an earlier version, the service name is "CPACache". If several server nodes are configured, navigate to this service by selecting "Global Configuration -> Server". This ensures that the changes are made on all server nodes.Enter the values you have changed for properties  "SLD.selfregistration.httpPort", "SLD.selfregistration.httpsPort" and "SLD.selfregistration.hostName". Always enter the host name. Save and start the Service. To repeat self-registration, navigate to the Deploy Service of a server node under which the AF applications are started. Start the applications "" and "". If you are working with SP03 or an earlier version, restart "" and "". Caution: The Integration Server stores the SLD data in the cache. To update this: In the Integration Server transaction SXI_CACHE, start -> Go ->  Adapter Engine Cache. Select the relevant row with the obsolete port and delete the cache entry (Delete symbol). All cache entries are deleted. The  next time a message is sent to the relevant adapter engine, the updated data is read from the SLD.Check: After you restart the J2EE applications in the SLD, choose "Content Maintenance" -> XI Adapter Framework" to navigate to your Adapter Engine.For example, under the "associated instances" and "XI Adapters Service XIRA -> Associated Instances -> Port for XIRA of af.<SID>.<hostname>", you will find the URL that is used by the Integration Server to send messages to the AE. After the message is resent, check whether the Adapter Engine cache was also updated in the Integration Server (SXI_CACHE -> Goto -> Adapter Engine Cache).

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