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1) Installation of B2B Add-on 1.0

note 1690557 - When will the SAP standard SFTP and B2B adapters be available?

note 1695520 - Download location of business to business add on 1.0 in SMP

note 1695522 - Compatibility Matrix: PI-B2B Add-On 1.0

note 1772535 - Patches not getting installed for SFTPPGP AddOn & B2B AddOn

note 2067194 - Unresolved dependencies error when deploying SFTP adapter(PIB2BOFTP*)

note 2172007 - How to import B2B Content


Please note that you must install the Secure Connectivity add-on before installing the B2B add-on.

SP Update Guide/ Direct Installation Guide for business-to-business add-on 1.0

Master Guide for Secure Connectivity Add-On 1.0

2) Configuring Adapters

3) Configuring Adapter Modules

4) FAQ notes

note 1692749 - FAQ: PI OFTP2 Adapter

note 1692751 - FAQ: PI X400 Adapter

note 1692752 - FAQ: PI AS2 Adapter

note 1692813 - FAQ: PI EDI Separator Adapter

note 1692814 - FAQ:PI EDI Modules-Plain Text,Archiving,Odette,VDA and X12

note 1692820 - FAQ: PI B2B Content Generator Toolset

note 2172012 - Setting XPI Inspector log locations for tracing B2B adapters and modules

Additional Information

SCN main page for B2B Integration with SAP Process Orchestration

Seeburger Suite for SAP PI

Common problems and guides related to Secure connectivity Add-On

SAP continues licensing simplification of its Process Orchestration portfolio: B2B Add-On now included

Common problems and guides related to Secure connectivity Add-On