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1) Installation of Secure Connectivity Add-On

Master Guide for Secure Connectivity Add-On 1.0

Installation guide for Secure Connectivity Add-On 1.0

2) Configuration of Secure connectivity Add-On

Configuring the Communication Channels with the SFTP Adapter

Configuring the PGP Module

3) Common problems related to SFTP PGP Add-On

note 1692819 - FAQ: PI SFTP Adapter

note 1701716 - Release restrictions for PI SFTP Addon

note 1744700 - SFTP Adapter - duplicateCheckPersist Attribute

note 1779483 - SAP PGP Module: Message ID is used instead of the file name

note 1780149 - Register and unregister BouncyCastle provider

note 1988592 - SFTP Adapter not picking files with *

note 2073667 - "UnsupportedOperationException" on SFTP receiver channel

note 2151830 - PI B2B PGP Module

note 2186199 - PI SFTP Adapter cannot archive empty files

Additional Information

SCN main page for B2B Integration with SAP Process Orchestration

Common problems and guides related to B2B Add-On