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note 1918427 - PI: Transaction SLDCHECK fails with 'No corresponding business system' error


2)  IS URL

 note 2116345 - XI RUNTIME: IS_URL with several central Integration Servers


3) Principal Propagation

note 1779083 - XI runtime: Principal propagation 


4) ABAP Proxy  

note 1951130 - XI runtime: Typical problems in receiver proxy system

note 1952772 - XI runtime: Typical problems in sender proxy system     


5) Message Packaging

note 1037176 - XI Runtime: Message Packaging

*** This note serves as a collection note for all issues known to packaging; please refer to long list of referenced notes.
All these notes need to be applied.



SXI_CACHE Common Errors

note 1894606 - HTTP errors in sxi_cache

note 1765293 - SXI_CACHE cache refresh failed with error "Tag empty/container is not permitted as a root element"


7) Timeout

note 1581279 - TIME_OUT dump when dealing with SXMB_MONI transaction

note 1929464 - 402 ICM_HTTP_TIMEOUT 500 Connection timed out

note 1930823 - 400 ICM_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED 404 Resource not found Partner not reached


8) IDoc / ALE 

note 792333 - IDoc adapter: Converting partners

*** This note is not fun to read as it is very technical, but it definitely is essential for configuration of any IDoc scenario.

note 2133483 - IDoc adapter: FAQ for ALEAUD IDocs and XI acknowledgment messages 


9) Archiving and Deletion

note 872388 - Troubleshooting Archiving and Deletion in PI     

Troubleshooting for Archive and Delete on Integration Engine       

Examining the status of messages in a PI system

Performance tips on Archiving and Deletion           

Overview of the Switch Deletion Procedure

New Functionality for Table Switch Procedure - Table Switch Control         


10) Performance check

note 894509 - PI Performance Check 

note 1375656 - SAP Netweaver PI system parameters (attached pdf file)

Long Processing Times for the following PI pipeline steps



Additional Information 

1) XI Transaction Codes  


2) Troubleshooting guides

Process Integration 7.0

Process Integration 7.1

Process Integration 7.30

Process Integration 7.31

note 806546 - XI 3.0/7.0/7.01: XI Troubleshooting Guide

note 1060264 - PI Troubleshooting Guide 7.1

note 1452440 - PI Troubleshooting Guide 7.30

note 1665708 - PI Troubleshooting Guide 7.3 EHP1


3) Performance Check Guides

Process Integration Performance Check (SAP XI 3.0/NW 7.0)

Process Integration Performance Check (SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1x, 7.3x and 7.4)