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You can check detailed information about the Standard SAP Modules provided by SAP in help portal.


1) XML Anonymizer Module  

Configuration guide of XMLAnonymizerBean


2) Zip Module 

Configuration guide of PayloadZipBean

note 1946811 - PayloadZipBean module has erroneous behavior


3) Dynamic Configuration Module

Configuration guide of DynamicConfigurationBean


4) Text Codepage Conversion Module 

Configuration guide of TextCodepageConversionBean


5) Payload Swapping Module 

Configuration guide of PayloadSwapBean


6) Message Transformation Module 

Configuration guide of MessageTransformBean


7) StrictXml2PlainBean

Configuration guide of StrictXml2PlainBean


Modules to configure an async/sync or a sync/async bridge for the JMS adapter

Configuring the Async/Sync Bridge in the Sender JMS Adapter



Configuring the Sync/Async Bridge in the Receiver JMS Adapter




note 2087765 - Optional usage of adapter queues by Async/Sync bridge modules

note 2099746 - Corrections in Sync-Async and Async-Sync bridge adapter modules

note 2104211 - java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 20 in NotifyResponseBean