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Component BC-XI-CON-B2B is related to B2B adapters. There are some sub-components, for example:

  • BC-XI-CON-B2B-OFT for Odette File Transfer Protocol Adapter

  • BC-XI-CON-B2B-X40 for X.400 Protocol Adapter

  • BC-XI-CON-B2B-AS2 for Applicability Statement Protocol Adapter

  • BC-XI-CON-B2B-ESP for Electronic Data Interchange Separator

  • BC-XI-CON-B2B-MOD for EDI Modules - Plain Text, Archiving, etc.

  • BC-XI-CON-B2B-CGT for B2B content Generator Toolset

To find a solution quickly, you can check the common problems and configuration guides.

If you need help after checking the guides, please send us the following:

1) a detailed description of this scenario including sender/receiver adapters and systems

    (e.g.?? -> Sender adapter -> XI/PI -> Receiver adapter -> ??)

2) how to reproduce this problem: for example, step-by-step screenshots, error screenshots, channel configuration screenshots.


3) issue history:  Did this work before? When did the error first occur?  Were there system changes recently?


4) component information listed in note 1381878 - How/where to check the patch levels of your XI/PI system

5) XPI Inspector trace using Example 100 (Custom) for specific 'Log Location' listed in note 2172012.