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Component BC-XI-CTC is related to configuration wizard for PI configuration. You should select this component in case a misconfiguration is done by the wizard.


In case an error is thrown or reported by the called APIs, you should select the respective API component: Typically BC-XI* for PI issues, BC-INS-CTC for CTC Framework problems or BC-CCM-SLD for SLD related topics.


To find a solution quickly, you can check the common CTC wizards and problems.


If you need help, please send us the following:


1) system information: release and SP level, dual-stack or java-only


2) issue history: Why would you like to run this CTC wizard, for example, after a new installation, system copy, system upgrade?


3) a problem description: Which CTC wizard did you run? Which step did you fail? error screenshot

Please always attach the CTC trace file as described in SAP Note 1309239 FAQ 1c: Go to NWA --> Configuration Management --> Scenarios--> Configuration Wizard --> select in the drop down list "History of executed configuration tasks" -> download and attach this zip file on the incident.