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Here I would like to explain the difference between message mapping and interface mapping.

What is mapping ?

Transformation from one message structure to another message structure is called the mapping.

Message mapping :

1) Message Mapping is nothing but a set of rules for producing target XML from the source XML according to business
     requirement.These rules are nothing but relations between the source XML tags and target XML tags.
2) You can check whether a complete message mapping functions at runtime once you have described it, by using the Test
     tab page.

Interface mapping :
1) Interface mapping registers a pair of interfaces for a scenario and specifies the message mapping to be used
2) you can execute multiple mapping programs consecutively
3) To check whether an interface mapping that you have defined functions at runtime, test the interface mapping on the
    Test tab page.

The following screen shows the Interface Mapping in IR :
Limitations :
1) Value mapping table cannot be accessed here
2) Runtime constants of the mapping runtime are not set, but set to dummy values.

differences :
In Message mapping,  you declare how the source message will be mapped to the the target message, what source field will be mapped to the target field and any conditions for it to happen.

In Interface mapping, you define what interfaces that will be communicating with each other. You will also see what message mapping the interfaces are using to exchange data. You need to do the message mapping before you do the interface mapping to get it correct.

Other related things :

Interface mapping registers your mapping program for an interface pair in the Integration Repository. If you require a mapping at runtime, it is sufficient to select the interface mapping for the interface pair at configuration time.

The Integration Server uses the interface mapping to identify associated mapping programs for request messages,  response messages, fault messages, or all three.
You can also create multiple interface mappings for the same interface pair.

Note: Interface mapping is the one, which is called in Integration Directory under Interface Determination (Interface mapping in Turn calls the message mapping program Providing a Link between IR & ID).

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