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Here in this wiki I would like to explain the differences between SXMB_ADM and SXMB_ADMINISTRATION.

SXMB_ADM : SXMB_ADM is used for doing the Administration and configuration things.

Following things does the Administration :

Manage Queues
Schedule Archiving Job
Schedule Delete Jobs
Error Analysis Settings

Following things does the Configuration :

Configure Event-Controlled Message Processing
Configure Filter for Queue Prioritization
Configure Sender/Receiver ID
Integration Engine Configuration
Configure Delete Procedure
Define Interfaces for Archiving and Retention Periods
Display Pipeline Definition
Configure Principal Propagation

 SXMB_ADMINISTRATION : SXMB_ADM(Administration + Configuration) + Monitoring.

  It is the parent transaction of SXMB_ADM.

Following things does the Monitoring :

Monitor for Processed XML Messages
Processing Statistics
Archived XML Messages (Search Using Archive)
Archived XML Messages (Search Using ID)
Job Overview
Persistence Layer Analysis
Status Monitor for Sync/Async Communication

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