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Editing Messages  in PI 7.O

You usually edit a message when errors occurred during its processing and it is possible to restart the message. You use the message editor to edit a message. If you have the required authorization, you can use the message editor to edit the header data or the payload of a message, or both. You can save changed messages and process them again.

You need the following authorizations to use the message editor:

 On Java Side

       edit_header & edit_payload  roles are required.

On ABAP Side

       SAP_XI_MESSAGE_MODIFY, SAP_XI_BPE_MONITOR_ABAP roles are required,  Both are parts of SAP_XI_MONITOR_ENHANCED composite roles.

If you have both roles, all the message data for editing is displayed. If you do not have either role, you cannot call the message editor.

Procedure with an example

Suppose one message got failed in XI, as shown below


Here the problem is following mandatory fields are missing.




You can use the message editor to edit the data:

Go to Runtime Work Bench(RWB) , message monitoring tab, use search criteria, you can view the failed messages , as shown below

Select the message and click " MessageEditor".
We can view the message in Message Editor as follows

Add the mandatory fields   as shown above and click on save button. It will show the message "  a new version of message was loaded for further processing"

Once you have edited the payload, you can exit the message editor.Choose Log Off to exit the message editor. The message is then immediately available to other users. If you only close the browser window, the message only becomes accessible when you close your session in the central monitor server

We can monitor the changed document in monitoring (SXI_MONITOR), we can see it as changed manually.

Restart the message, we can see the success flag as below.


In the message payload we can see the added payload

It may create data inconsistency between sender and receiver systems, so be careful before editing messages.

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