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Most of the Databases have strong encryption mechanisms for storage of the sensitive data. Often, these encryption strategies are extended to the JDBC drivers used to access the database.

An Encrypted database connection for Oracle JDBC Thin driver can be obtained and used as shown in this URL:

Similarly, encryption of the data transferred between the JDBC Adapter and the Database can be achieved. Such encryption mechanisms promise secure data transfer for sensitive information processed by JDBC driver in the Adapter engine.

For Oracle Database, the encryption parameters supported by the thin Oracle JDBC Driver are:ORACLE.NET.ENCRYPTION_CLIENT



According to SAP Note: 1078420, additional JDBC Driver parameters can be assigned in the Additional Parameters section of the JDBC Adapter Communication Channel.

The Additional Parameters table can be seen in the Advanced Tab of the JDBC Communication Channel. You need to check the Advanced Mode checkbox in the specified tab to see the table.

Hence, the above encryption parameters should be assigned as:

                                                                                                     Fig 1: Encrytion JDBC Driver Parameters

Please Note that, these encryption parameters will work if Oracle Advanced Security is enabled. This can be done using Oracle Net Manager. The data security levels should be set as:
                                                                                                      Fig 2: Oracle Data security levels