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Here I am presenting some commonly occurred errors in file-idoc scenario 

  1. File is not getting picked up from the source
    • Check if the given source file location path and source file name is same in sender CC.
    • Check if the adapter status is active in Sender File CC  
  2. File is picked up successfully but not getting converted into xml format.
    • This problem could be the  file structure length, DT lengths in IR are not same.
    • There may be a problem in File Content Conversion Parameters 
  3. ATTRIBUTE_INV_SND_SERV or unable to convert sender service to an ALE Logical system
    • Sender and receiver BS doesn't have a LS name  
    • Check the RFC Destination and Port in the Receiver CC 
  5. IDOC not yet created in Target SAP System
    • Check the Status in SXMB_MONI. Check the Pipeline Steps here.
    • Goto IDX5 in XI and check the status in the Transaction ID field.
  6. EDI_Partner profiles not found.
  • Go to Tcode we20 in R/3 and check if the partner profile has been configured correctly and fill the inbound parameters that is inbound IDOC's

For troubleshooting File to IDOC


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    Useful Message. Appreciate your work.

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    Good Notes. Keep it up