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The purpose is to know about some features available in NWA monitoring.


Here we will get an overview about options\functionality present in monitoring tool.

Identifiers Option in Advanced Filter

You can search by identifier when you want to find a message by it's message ID, reference ID, or correlation ID. Please note that the search is performed as a logical OR, the system returns all messages that have any of the IDs you entered as search criteria.  

When you search by identifier, the rest of the options for advanced search cannot be used.


There is also new search type 'With Successors' by which we can search  for messages that Message ID as Parent ID.

Related Messages tab

There is new button called as “Related Messages”. A message is a related when it has the same correlation ID or when it refers to or by another message via a reference ID.


Restart Sequence

When you find the blocking message, you can select the message and choose the new button. After some checks are performed to determine if there is exactly one selected message and it's Quality of Service is EOIO a popup window is shown for confirmation of selected action. This would cancel the selected message, and restart the next one in the sequence automatically.

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