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How to learn SAP XI: There can be many documents/links that will give you the overview of XI and its components, but as a beginner which is perfect to me? If this is the questions in your mind then eLearning on SDN is the only place. Here is the link for it  From the above link it is very easy to get XI Beginners, Immediate and Advance course material. All the presentation from this link can be downloadable by any user who has SDN Username and Password

Best documents to get an overview of XI: eLearning does not cover everything and even some time I don't understand many terms (like Adapters, Integration Engine, Adapter Engine, Java stack, ABAP stack, Context, Mapping etc ), so where should I look the definition of all these? If this comes in mind then do not hesitate to refer  For XI/PI here is the direct link:

XI Related Books: 

Study Material, Syllabus and Training: TBIT - 40, 41, 42, 43 and 44 are the main study material not only for learning XI but XI certification too. 

TBIT-40 Syllabus: 

TBIT-41 Syllabus:

TBIT-42 Syllabus:

TBIT-43 Syllabus:

TBIT-44 Syllabus: * *

Few Good Blogs for the aspirants to learn XI:  Aspirant to learn SAP XI...

You won the Jackpot if you read this!-Part I -  

Aspirant to learn SAP XI...You won the Jackpot if you read this!-Part II -  

Aspirant to learn SAP XI...You won the Jackpot if you read this!-Part III -

How to do effective search from SDN search engine (for Blogs, Forums, Articles and Code etc): This is very simple steps but most of the time we don't know about to do effective search so we can get the relevant links for the things that we wantJ Steps -

  • Got o SDN home page:
  • Type the appropriate Text in the Search Text Field
  • Select the category for which you are looking for like Blog, Article, Forums, eLearning, Code samples etc. and
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    Correct link for Aspirant to learn SAP XI...You won the Jackpot if you read this!-Part II