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The objective of this document is to provide a step by step guide to correcting inconsistencies within the SLD.


Within PI many issues can be caused by inconsistencies within the SLD, we will show how we can quickly resolve these inconsistencies.

Re-registering the components within the SLD

Open the SLD at http://<hostname>:<port>/sld and select Technical Systems. Within the drop down menu select Exchange Infrastructure/Process Integration. Select all XI components for the system and click remove.

Carry out a restart of the J2EE Engine. After the restart has completed, the XI components are registered once more with the exception of the Integration Directory and Integration Repository.

To register the Integration Directory and Repository launch the XI tools homepage from transaction SXMB_IFR and click on the links for the Directory and Repository.

Creating the Necessary Associations for the Integration Server

After registering the components there is no application system assigned to the Integration Server. To complete this it is necessary to create the associations for the Integration Server manually. In releases lower than 7.1 click on administration and then go to CIM Instances, in releases 7.1 or higher this is on the SLD homepage.


Click on CIM Instances and navigate to XI Integration Server within the drop down menu


Select the relevant Integration Server and click on the associations tab, here only 1 association is created for the Integration Server.

Click new association and from the drop down menu select XI Integration Server Logical Identity. From here navigate to the Business System which is configured as the Integration Server within the SLD and click associate.

Select New Association once more and navigate down to XI Sub-System viewed Application System. For this association BC-System\Application Server ABAP should be selected. Please note that for Java only AEX systems the Application Server Java should be used. Select the option <SID> on <hostname> and click associate.

There should now be 3 associations under the Integration Server.

Navigating back to the Technical Systems and to Exchange Infrastructure\Process Integration, all components should be registered within the SLD with an application system assigned to all except the domain.

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