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The objective of this document is to provide a step by step guide to create short cuts in AL11. The benefit of short cuts is that the user can navigate quickly to their required file directory with one double-click. This is much quicker than having to memorize the exact file location in the directory structure and then navigating there slowly, directory by directory.


This document shows the steps needed create a shortcut in AL11. Once created the shortcut is available in AL11 for all users.

Steps to create the AL11 short cuts

1. Determine the file directory for which you would like to create an AL11. In this example I'm using the PI default trace files, file directory location.

2. In transaction AL11 create a new entry to map to the required file directory location.

a) Transaction AL11.
b) Click on Configure button.

c) Enter the required properties and press save.

Directory name is equal to the shortcut target in step 1 above.
Param. Name can be any value.
ServerName = all

3. In AL11 the new directory exists and can be navigated to with one double-click.

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