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1) Transport from file system

Common error: The following message appears: "You are not allowed to manipulate ****** file. See error logs for details"

Note #1794961 - You are not allowed to manipulate file error importing PI tpz file

Note #1796134 - Import of PI objects from client not working

Note #1672811 - How to disable File System transports in PI 

How to transport Interface Repository Objects in XI or PI using file system?


2) CTS and CTS+ transport

Note #1744861 - CTS+ import fails

Note #1547414 - Export of multiple objects in using CTS+

Note #1739340 - ESR/ID Export Using CTS+ option is disabled

Note #1777200 - Mapping Parameter missing after Transport (CTS+) 

Help document of "Transporting Objects from SAP NetWeaver PI by Using CTS":


3) CMS transport

Note #1004684 - Abort of large content import and transport

Note #1336832 - CMS transport fails with timeout for large XI content

Note #1658096 - CMS Transport error in PI Integration Directory

Note #1055246 - Inconsistent XI content caused by bug in MAX DB

Note #1885050 - Can not export software component by CMS in ESR / Mapping program/resource can not be found


4) Object is not available in the target system after transport

Note #1580750 - PI Integration Builder: objects are missing after successful import

Note #2096387 - Successfully transported ESR objects do not show up / changes do not get reflected


5) Database Inconsistency and transport conflicts

Common error: " Changelist doesn't exists"

or "The following objects have previous versions that are no longer active: <<Object name>> Open these objects in the editor and perform a conflict resolution"


Note #1399960 - Database Inconsistency for changelists in PI

Note #1407454 - Issue with resolving conflicts in PI

Note #2096265 - Analyzing database inconsistency with Integration Respository/Directory objects

Note #1345425 - Skip Import and auto Activation feature for XI transports

Note #1244593 - DEVLINE does not exist error during import


More detail of the version management, please refer to the document "How does version management work in Enterprise Service Repository/Integration Repository?"


6) For common error "Obligatory transport target for business system not found"

Note #1604679 - PI transport fails: "Obligatory transport target for business system not found"

Note #2093527 - Error "Obligatory transport target for business system XXX not found" – explained

Note #1059576 - XI Directory import fails due to inconsistent SLD host names 

Configuring Groups and Transport Targets in the SLD 


7) Other common notes

Note #1771644 - Enterpise Service Repository exports fails with Sybase, HANA

Note #1152640 - SAP NetWeaver 7.1 including EHPs: Importing ESR content

Note #1083407 - Import fails due to JMS Exception

Note #2021517 - Insufficient authorization to change object error during PI transport

Note #1550549 - PI transport: Internal error during pvc call