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Enterprise Service Repository / Integration Repository (ESR/IR)

SWC Change History
PI System: PI 7.1 EhP1
Observation: When "Objects are original" and "Objects are modifiable" checkboxes are changed for any SoftwareComponent (SWC) in ESR (for any landscape), you can simply save it and there is no change list created. Also, no history is maintained in the "History" option of menu.
Improvement: SWC are critical for ESR and there must be some way to check history of changes made on it.

Graphical Variable capability
PI System: PI 7.1 EhP1 SP 04
Observation: The graphical variable in the message mapping can hold only 1 value.
Improvement: It should be able to hold a queue. This will help in case, for eg., if we are selecting multiple fields from a segment that occurs many times, and mapping it to corresponding fields in the target, based on a qualifier. If it can hold the queue content after getting the qualifier, we can just map the result to a graphical variable and use it for other fields as well, instead of checking for the qualifier again and again.

Integration Directory

File adapter - Processing mode
PI System: PI 7.1 EhP1
Observation: Default "Processing Mode" of File adapter is "Test". Now suppose you have configured any File channel with Transport Protocol as FTP and you are using it for scenario with "Processing Mode" as Delete. Whenever you change the Transport Protocol of same channel to NFS, the "Processing Mode" gets reset to "Test" while all the other parameters (like encoding, module configurations) remain unchanged.
Improvement: Whenever a parameter like Transport Protocol is changed, file channel should continue to use the "Processing Mode" as it was last set in the channel.


Availability Time Planning - easy to forget
Observation: If you are not (or even if you are) the one involved in actual development on PI interfaces, you might miss that there could be some channels used in Availability Time Planning and have the "Control Data" set to "Automatically" instead of a usual "Manually" ones.

While performing activities like Upgrade/Migration/Testing, there are instances when one of our activities is to Stop/Start all channels using Communication Channel Monitoring. At those instances, take care not to Start "All" the channels as it Resets the "Control Data" status to "Manually" for all the channels.
Improvement: In Communication Channel Monitoring, there should be a "Filter Criteria" for channels based on their "Control Data" to distinguish those channels easily. This will help to select only the channels which are to be controlled "Manually" and start them in one go.

Start and Stop all Channels - What about the already stopped ones
Observation: Continuing on the point above for activities like Upgrade/Migration/Testing, in case you stopped all the channels before manually noting down all the channels that were already in "Stopped" status, believe me, you will be in a big mess. First activity therefore should be listing down all the channels which are already in Stopped state and then proceed for Stopping others.
Improvement: There should be a "Filter Criteria" in Communication Channel Montioring which displays list of channels based on "Date range". e.g. Searching all "Stopped" channel between past year till today.


Test Message from RWB
Observation:Have you ever used Test Message option in RWB to send test message directly to Integration Engine. If yes, then you might have missed that if you want to send data from one PI system to other (for whatever reasons), you can just change the Integration Engine URL mentioned in "Send Message To" tab to the URL of other system and post message there. So this option will behave like an HTTP client. Don't forget to to use authentication details of the target system.
Improvement: None! :-) But more and more HTTP Client features are most welcome.

Audit Log - Payload information
Observation: It is quite known that the "Message Content" tab shown in Audit Log contains the message payload before the file went through the adapter modules. It is usually not the actual file sent to the receiver system.
Improvement: There should be some way to check the payload created after completion of the module processing.