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What is an Integration Process (ccBPM) in XI/PI ?

Process is a sequence of changes in the attributes of an object. SoIntegration process is a process defined as cross system process for processing messages.It is used when you want to control and define the messages, Monitor the messages for cross component systems

The processing of Integration Process is also called as Cross Component BPM (ccBPM). The ccBPM is a stateful interaction model. It supports open standards like BPEL

Business Process Management (BPM) is an implementation methodology for the management of business process that interacts with people and systems both within and across the organization.

CcBPM can be designed in any of the Business Process Modeling tools like ARIS. In XI/PI you can design integration process in the Integration Repository->Graphical Process Builder. During runtime integration process is executed in the SAP Business WorkFlow engine.
When to use BPM
1.Control/Monitor the messages in XI
2. Collect/Merge the messages in XI
3. Split the messages in XI
4. To Multicast an Message
5. Send an Alert based on the very complex business logic

6. To integrate with cross component business process

Steps in the Integration Process Modeling:-

Messaging Relevant Steps-

  • Receive Step
  • Send Step
  • Transformation Step (Mapping)
  • Receiver Determination

Control Steps-


To know more-

To start work on - BPM Patterns are available and it is delivered by SAP. For this you can go to SAP BASIS Software Component in the Integration Repository and you can find many patterns. Pattern Name under SAP BASIS Software Component- _

 Walkthrough with BPM: -

Checklist- making correct use of BPM: -

Schedule Your BPM

Scenarios: -

RFC Scenario using BPM for Starters

RFC Scenario - How to configure BPM

Usage of Sync-Async when both Sender and Receiver are Synchronous

Do you realyl enjoy clicking and waiting while tracing BPM steps? Blog by Michal :

Throwing Alert From BPM (Business Process Management) : We most of the time have a requirement to throw an alerts from BPM. Can it be possible? Yes it is, using BPM an Alert can be thrown which will notify the administrator something wrong happened during the process execution etc.

Simple Steps to get Descriptive Alerts from BPM in XI -

BPM cannot fill the container variable like MessageId so how can we populate it. See the below blog to achieve this.. 

How to retrieve MESSAGE_ID from a BPM :

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