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The purpose of this page is to discuss the different situations of messages that are not being processed in both Adapter Engine and Integration Engine sides (Java and Abap).


The Integration Server can face some issues with the messages that are flowing through the XI/PI side and can be stuck for several reasons.
The main causes and how to prevent it will be discussed on this page.

Integration Engine

 The messages from Integration Engine (Abap side) can be mainly considered by going to SMQ2 where it’s possible to see the entries and specific queues that are related.

Clicking on one of the queues it’s possible to see the entries and the status. It can be running, stopped or with error status, that is represented by a highlighted red word.

 Selecting this failed entry it’s possible to see a more detailed error.

To monitor the messages in Integration Engine side, the transaction SXMB_MONI is also a good option since it’ll list all the messages during a specific period of time.
They can be running with success, represented by a squared flag or with error that is represented by a red flag.

Adapter Engine

The messages from the Adapter Engine can be monitored by going to RWB (http://<host>:<port>/rwb). There you can count on three options:

  • Message Monitoring: Select the Adapter Engine related and Database to check the messages that are part of this system. It’s possible to filter for a specific period of time and the different statuses (To be delivered, Delivering, Successful, Errors, ... \\\\
  • Communication Channel Monitoring: It’s located in the Component Monitoring -> Adapter Engine. There it’s possible to select a specific Communication Channel to see its process and or even filtering by status or adapter type.
  • Engine Status: In the same path as the Communication Channel Monitoring, here it’s possible to see the Backlog, Database Locks, Messaging Overview and Additional Data. The last option is useful to check if a specific adapter is consuming all the threads so the messages are hanging because of that. 

Besides that, the Adapter Engine messages can be viewed (especially for PI 7.3) in the NWA, i.e., http://<host>:<port>/nwa.

Known issues and recommendations

Messages stuck can happen in both sides, from Integration Engine and Adapter Engine, and the recommendations are different depending on which side it’s being affected.

Abap side

For this side, the most common reasons are that the queue is not able to automatic restart itself. It can be done by following SAP note 813029, taking into account the jobs to be scheduled, as the report 'RSQIWKEX', for example.
It’ll guarantee the messages to be automatically restarted when facing any problems during the message flow.

Java side

The messages from Java side are dependent, mainly, from the Threads available to process the messages. First, it’s recommended to guarantee the system itself has the global value of threads set, which is “350”, for the parameter MaxThreadCount, located in ConfigTool.
Then, for the specific adapter related to the messages that are hanging, it’s recommended to increase the number of worker threads.
Both recommendations for threads can be found in SAP note 1623356.

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