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Setting the Java Server connections

NWDS -> Windows -> Preferences-> SAP AS Java-> Add connection details

Setting the ESR connection

NWDS -> Windows -> Preferences-> Web Services 

Accessing the ESR

NWDS -> Window -> 'Open Perspective' -> Other -> 'Enterprise Service Repository'

Accessing the Integration Directory (SAP Process Integration Designer)

NWDS -> Window > Open Perspective > Other - 'SAP Process Integration Designer'

NWDS -> Process Integration -> Change Preferences -> PI Tools Configuration -> Connections

Create Integration Flow

In the PI Explorer (Process Integration Designer) view select new -> Integration Flow If the PI Explorer view doesn't display the Window -> Show view -> select from list or 'Other' -> SAP Netweaver Process Integration -> PI Explorer

 Deploying .EAR files on PI 7.1 Using SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio