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SAP Notes and KBAs are written in English and in some cases they are not translated to German. The ELSTER related SAP Notes and KBAs have German as a master language. ELSTER scenario names can be misleading if one Note is in English and the other in German. Check the below table for clarification.

ETNotif: authenticated employment tax notificationLStA: Lohnsteueranmeldung 
ETStmt: employment tax statementLStB: Lohnsteuerbescheinigung 
ELStAM: electronic employment tax deduction featuresELStAM: elektronischen Lohnsteuerabzugsmerkmale
VAT: electronic advance return for tax on sales/purchasesUStVA: elektronische Umsatzsteuer-Voranmeldung


Application components:

FI-GL-GL-F - Value Added Tax (VAT): VAT (UStVA)

PY-DE-BA - Business to Administration: ETNotif, ETStmt, ELStAM (LStA, LStB, ELStAM)

Middleware components:

BC-XI-CON-ELS - HR/FI Elster Module for PI 

BC-MID-BUS -  Business Connector  → with the introduction of ERiC, BC-MID-BUS is not responsible anymore of BC related issues. Depending on the scenario either FI-GL-GL-F or PY-DE-BA is responsible for BC issues.




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