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In this Wiki, we will take a look at common issues which occur after the completion of a Process Integration (PI) or Process Orchestration (PO) System Copy (we will use PI for brevity in the remainder of this document). The actual Basis task of the System Copy itself is outside the scope of this document.


We will document some of the most common issues which occur in PI systems after the System Copy has completed and show how these can be prevented. We will show how you can verify that the basic system Health Checks are all successful, prior to handing over the new system.


Usually the Basis team are responsible for executing the PI System Copy. However, there are some PI specific tasks which must be executed after the copy has completed. For these, it is advisable to involve your PI team/PI administrator. Often these are missed and this results in problems when using the system, after it has been handed over to the application team.

Official System Copy Guide:

This official guide should be followed for this procedure. It can be found via SAP Note 2574603 PI: Official SAP Guide Finder. 

In the latest guide, section SAP Process Integration (PI) - documents the PI specific post copy steps or follow-up activities (precise section may vary depending on the guide you are using). These must be completed before the System Copy can be considered to have been fully completed. 

SAP Note 1299373 Configuration Wizard: PI System Copy - automates some, but not all, of these steps. Carefully read the FAQ section of this note. 

If your system is at a lower release, these steps must be completed manually. The System Copy Guide for your specific release will document the necessary follow-up activities which need to be completed. 

Note: this Wizard is no longer available in the 7.50 release. See SAP Note 2419419 PI CTC: System Copy Wizard disabled in release 7.50, for details.
"After a system copy it is recommended to execute the PI Initial Setup again: Navigate to http://<host>:<port>/sld/fun and set the status of all enabled functional units to disabled. Then select SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) and press "enable automatically".

You can also refer to Which CTC Configuration Tasks (Wizards) do I need to execute in my PI/PO systems and when do I execute them? for an overview of Configuration Wizards.

System Health Checks

After the copy and the post-copy steps have been completed, execute the PI System Health checks as per SAP Note 817920 XI/PI/AEX Readiness Check 3.0/7.0, 7.1, 7.3, 7.31, 7.4, 7.5 (actually it is wise to do these checks on the Source system prior to starting the copy process). 

SLD Registration

Often, there can be issues with the registration of the PI components in the SLD. There may be duplicate values or entries which are referencing the old host name of the Source system. 

SAP Note 764176 Manual correction of XI content in SLD, can be used to correct/clean up these SLD entries. The accompanying SAP Wiki How to Manually Correct the Registration of XI Components Within the SLD will help in following the required steps from this note. 

Note: Understanding the SLD landscape set up is important here.

  • Do you use a Local SLD (installed on each PI system)? 
  • Or do you use a Central SLD (one SLD used by several PI systems)?

See Also

SAP Note 1345600 System Copy GuideLines for XI

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