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 On October 14, 2008 SAP AG announced an investment in an SAP-centric EDI/B2B Exchange called Crossgate.  This exchange utilizes Process Integration on their Network.  This enables SAP users to connect to the exchange via a Process Integration-to-Process Integration methodology.  As a co-owner of this exchange, SAP is now jointly developing a large number of EDI/B2B "service extensions" from SAP applications to the exchange.  SAP customers can now choose the option of leveraging this SAP-centric exchange in a cloud computing environment rather than building and maintaining an internal investment in EDI and B2B infrastructure.

Two new service extensions have been announced in the past few months:

  1. SNC - Supplier Network Collaboration - B2B connectivity
  2. TM - Transportation Management - B2B connectivity

The Crossgate exchange provides a service called the B2B 360 service for SAP customers.  Once an SAP customer is connected to the exchange, they can choose to have Crossgate manage all EDI and B2B mappings, communications, translation, operations and support for a one time set-up fee and a monthly service fee.  The alternative is to invest in internal infrastructure and support and maintain your own system.

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