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Rosettanet is a globally supported standards consortium which promotes colloborative commerce.

RosettaNet industry standards provide business frameworks that allow individual companies to enhance the interoperability of business processes across the global supply chain.

As a pert of these standards, the different messages that are usually exchanged in a typical Order Management Process area are allocated a Partner Interface Process(PIP) Code.

The following is a list of the PIP Codes in Order management.PIP 3A1: Request Quote

PIP 3A2: Request Price and Availability

PIP 3A3: Request Shopping Cart Transfer

PIP 3A4: Request Purchase Order

PIP 3A5: Query Order Status

PIP 3A6: Distribute Order Status

PIP 3A7: Notify of Purchase Order Update

PIP 3A8: Request Purchase Order Change

PIP 3A9: Request Purchase Order Cancellation

PIP 3A10: Notify of Quote Acknowledgement

PIP 3A13: Notify of Purchase Order Information

PIP 3A14: Distribute Planned OrderPIP 3B1: Distribute Transportation Projection

PIP 3B2: Notify of Advance Shipment

PIP 3B3: Distribute Shipment Status

PIP 3B4: Query Shipment Status

PIP 3B5: Request Shipment Change

PIP 3B6: Notify of Shipments Tendered

PIP 3B11: Notify of Shipping Order

PIP 3B12: Request Shipping Order

PIP 3B13: Notify of Shipping Order Confirmation

PIP 3B14: Request Shipping Order Cancellation

PIP 3B18: Notify of Shipment DocumentationPIP 3C1: Return Product

PIP 3C2: Request Financing Approval

PIP 3C3: Notify of Invoice

3C4: Notify of Invoice Reject

PIP 3C5: Notify of Billing Statement

PIP 3C6: Notify of Remittance AdvicePIP 3C7: Notify of Self-Billing Invoice
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