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A Summary of the Steps to be carried out to enable a SAP R/3 System send Idocs to SAP Exchange Infrastructure.

First - Maintain the Sender R/3 System:

  • SM59 : Create a RFC destination to XI
  • WE21 : Create a TRFC Port ->Specify the RFC Destination Created
  • BD54 : Create a Logical System for the Idoc Receiver
  • WE20 : Create Partner Profile ->Maintain Outbound and the Inbound Parameters

Second - Log on to XI System:

  • SM59 : RFC Destination for Sender System
  • IDX1 : Create the port to get Idoc Metadata from Sender System ( The Port Name must match the port name in the idoc header - Usually in format SAP<System ID>. eg. SAPID1 [Optional Step. Not mandatory]
  • IDX2 : Maintain the Idoc Metadata. This is needed only by XI, and not by other SAP systems. IDX2 is needed because XI needs to construct IDoc-XML from the IDoc. No other SAP system needs to do that.

To Enable Acknowledgement:

  • SXMB_ADM ->Integration Engine Configuration ->Specific Configuration ->Add New entry -> Select parameters as:
    • Category: RUNTIME
    • Parameters: ACK_SYSTEM_FAILURE
    • Current Value: 1


  • Create Technical System: Choose WEB AS ABAP if the system is R/3 -> Define SAP SID, Installation Number and Database Host Name a Maintain message Server Details according to Sender System -> Maintain Client Details of Sender System ->Select a Installed Product for Sender System
  • Create Business System: Choose WEB AS ABAP if the system is R/3 -> Choose the Technical System and the client Created Before -> Choose the Installed Product -> Set:
    • Business System Role: Application System
    • Related Integration Server: Integration Server

Idoc Tunneling in XI

To prevent performance consuming XMLization and de-XMLization IDOCs are tunneled through SAP XI IDOC adapter meaning no XMLiziation is executed before the IDOC is passed onto the pipeline. Note the message is converted to UTF-8 codepage.

Start transaction SXMB_ADMIN on SAP XI.

Select option Configuration->Integration Engine Configuration and add two parameter EXTERNAL_MAPPER in the category IDOC.

Configure the parameter according to the conditions below:

If Message Code and Message Function are specified in the partner profile:

If only the Message Code is specified in the partner profile:
<Snd. System Id>.<Snd. System Client>.ReceiverPort.<Mess. Type>.<Mess. Code>

If only Message Function is specified in the partner profile:

Integration Builder

 Integration Directory:

  •  Add Business System:  Adapter Specific Identifiers -> 'Logical System' identical to the 'Logical System Name' in the SLD Business System  
  •  IDoc Receiver Communication Channel: port the same as XI System IDX1


Additional References

Ale Configuration for pushing Idocs form SAP to XI

IDOC Statuses


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