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Step-by-Step guide going for the SOAP Axis adapter (TODO: add active, passive, servlet, generic, sender, and reciever examples).

If you are an expert in this area, please post some example content above and beyond what the NetWeaver and SAP Note FAQ have to offer...

Basic NetWeaver documentation for the SOAP Axis adapter:

Michal's blog entry about using SOAP AXIS for REST web service XML retrieval:

SAP Notes on AXIS:

Note 1028961 - How to prepare axisproviderlib.sda for Adapter Framework

Note 1039369 - FAQ XI Axis Adapter

Note 1303363 - SOAP (Axis) sender adapter to perform user login in handlers

Note 1448849 - Axis adapter fixes/improvement 2010-01

Note 1546973 - PI SOAP Axis Adapter fails with JMS