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1.      I made some changes in my scenario in Integration Builder but when I go to SXI_CACHE and refresh changes are not up to date, i.e., CSS note -   1030255 - Integ. server ABAP cache not automatically updated

2.      SXI_CACHE vs. RWB Cache Monitoring

3.      SXI_CACHE at deep

4.      I get the error- "Error while accessing SLD "NO BUSINESS SYSTEM"

5.      SXI_CACHE does not reflects my scenario, i.e.,  configurations done in my scenario are not refreshed in SXI_CACHE although I tried DELTA CACHE REFRESH and COMPLETE CACHE REFRESH

6.      I get an error in TA sxi_cache: "The value of expression "&.....&" cannot serve as the source of an Assignment.

7.      Difference between SXI_Cache and CPA Cache: Is it safe/correct for me to say that SXI_CACHE is used to perform cache refreshes, whereas RWB Cache Monitoring is used solely to monitor the cache

8.      My Integration Process is not displaying in SXI_CACHE

9.      Where does the value in the SXI_CACHE  > Adapter Enginf -> Adapter Engine Data Cache --> User Name come from?

10.   "Error 'HTTP status code 503 Service Unavailable' while executing HTTP request (calling method 'get_status')"

11.   both entries (cache refresh and full cache refresh) in the menue bar are disabled?

12.   I see 99 error code in SXI_Cache ( Integ process )

13.   When I go to SXI_CACHE I am getting an error.
Error Category :
Error Id : Not found.

14.   when i try to open the SXI_CACHE i get the following error.$CacheRefreshQueryException: Connection to system REPOSITORY using application REPOSITORY lost. Detailed information: Error accessing "http://******=any" with user "PIDIRUSER". Response code is 401, response message is "Unauthorized"

15.   in SXI_CACHE we get the error:

"Unable to refresh cache contents"
"Error during last attempt to refresh cache"
and on double clicking we get the message:
Error Id: Communication

if_http_client receive http_communication_failure.

16.   SXI_CACHE I'm getting this error:
Error when reading exchange profile parameters for section Connections

17.   Automatic refreshing of SXI_CACHE is not done

18.   SXI_CACHE : Last Error During Cache refresh is showing LCR_GET_OWN_BUSINESS_SYSTEM - NO_BUSINESS_SYSTEM error

19.   After trying transaction SXI_CACHE to refresh complete or delta, the status is always saying "Cache Contents are obsolete". There is no error found in "display refresh errors".

20.   I'm not able to see the created Integration Process in SXI_CACHE under Integration Processes node

Common Solution

1.      If no error then perform full refresh by PIDIRUSER at http//saphost:port/CPACache/refresh?mode=full

2.       (

3.      Perform the connection check under

4.      Check in SM59 if INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI if its pointing to your xi system Host Name and service  with logon PIISUSER

5.      Apply the CSS note -  890760 Error accessing a message payload

6.      Take a look to:

7.      You could say that.. You can detect problems that occur during runtime cache updations in the RWB cache monitoring. (smile)

8.      Review the post installation guide of SAP PI.

9.      from the user name in destination INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI

10.   *Description:*The server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server. The implication is that this is a temporary condition which will be alleviated after some delay. If known, the length of the delay MAY be indicated in a Retry-After header. If no Retry-After is given, the client SHOULD handle the response as it would for a 500 response.
Note: The existence of the 503 status code does not imply that a server must use it when becoming overloaded. Some servers may wish to simply refuse the connection.

Possible Tips: Because of J2EE application not active
• Try to (re)start the application using the Visual Administrator Choose Server -> Services -> Deploy --> View on Application or restart the J2EE engine
• The problem is that not all J2EE services can be started by the J2EE. i.e., Start the Visual Administrator and select Server->Services->Deploy in the tree on the left. On the right-hand side, choose the Runtime tab page. You see a tree in the right window with all applications if you select the APPLICATION radio button. Check if they are running, otherwise choose Start. Usually the J2EE engine starts all services automatically.
• Refer SAP Note 803145,807000,791655

11.   you just need correct role: : SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR

12.   Go to SXI_CACHE, select the IP and press Activation Log  and look for entries type E.

Go to SXMB_MONI->PE and check the technical details/workflow log etc. Also check the message containers during runtime.
Go to Transaction SWWL and check is there any errored workitems.If so delete it and re-run the scenario.
Still cache problem, go to SXI_CACHE and delete the integrtaion process. and run the scenario. Before this activate the Integration process in the IR and ID.

13.   have a look at this doc: Handle PI Caches in SaP Netweaver 7.0 or try a cache refresh by running the report SAI_CACHE_REFRESH

14.   maintain Client, userid, password, and lang information in SICF transaction -> sap/xi/engine: Double click on service and check whether you have entered correct information. Or the user PIDIRUSER is locked. Unlock the user in su01.

15.   check the HTTP Connection INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI and try a test connection of this. It should return HTTP Code : 500, also take a look to this document: have a look at this doc: Handle PI Caches in SaP Netweaver 7.0

you can also check these properties in the Exchange Profile page:

pwd is the password for this user

16.   in WAS, insede User Managment i've changed the client 001 to 200 and problem was solved (configuration tab)

17.   Verify these parameters:  Start Transaction SICF: Choose default_host > SAP > XI: All services should be active, particularly the services cache and cache_ssl.

Connection Type: H

Under Technical Setting TAB
Target Host: write the host name
Path Prefix: /dir/CacheRefresh
Service No: enter J2ee port no (e.g. 50000)

Under Logon/Security TAB
select Basic Authontication radio button
SSL select inactive

Under Logon:
Lang: EN
Client: enter client
Password: *******

Under Special Option TAB
HTTP Setting:
HTTP Ver: HTTP 1.0
Compression: inactive
Compressed response: NO
HTTP Cookies: Yes (All)

18.   got resolved after applying patch 15.

19.   Apply OS note 756545.

20.  In order to use Integration Scenario in ID you need
to create it in IR first and Integration Process is not the same as
integration scenario

you can only transfer Integration Process to ID as an Integration Process
(under services without party node)


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