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This is simple File to File BPM  with N:M(2:2) mapping.

Design Part(IR)

Step: NameSpace

Create your namespace as a very first Step.

Step: Data Type and Message type

Create 4 Data Type structure DT_MSG1 and DT_MSG2  to send the files  and DT_MSG3 and DT_MSG4  to receive the files.

Similarly create their respective Message Types.

Step: Message Interface

Create the following

1- Four Abstract Interfaces,

2- Two Outbound Interfaces and

3- Two Inbound Interfaces

Step:  Message Mapping


In Messages tab insert your Source and Target messages, then do your mapping in the Design tab

Step:  Interface Mapping

Step:  BPM Design -Integration Process 

Define Correlation as Constant Value to receive independent Messages. you can define Correlation as XPath for dependent messages. 

Note:- For receiver Determination we need to define multiline container elements and for Send Step we need to choose Receiver From as Receivers List.

Configuration Part(Integration Directory):

Create this part in the same way as we usually create for any BPM scenario.

Import Business System from SLD and Integration Process from IR as a Service.In our scenario we need to create the following objects:-

1- Two Sender communication Channel and two Receiver communication Channel

2- Two sender Agreement ,

3- Two Receiver Agreements

4- Four Interface Determinations* and

5- Four Receiver Determination*

* Business System will call Integration Process twice and similarly Integration Process  will call Business System twice, with their respective Interfaces.

After activating the Configuration objects we need to upload the Input files to test the scenario.

Note:- We need to remove all the parent nodes like ns0:messages and ns1:Message1/2 from the Input files to avoid the mapping Error

For Example we have to send files as below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <ns0:MT_SND xmlns:ns0="http://sumit_testing">

 I hope this blog will help you to understand N:M mapping in better way(smile) . For further queries kindly revert to me.

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